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then normal hair re growths it is located in a more sensitive area of the body and this requires a more precise and focused surgery.

The beard growth surgery requires immense precision and the doctor must be very specialized and experienced in this field as any errors in this area can be non reversible as the skin type of the face is very sensitive.

The best places for the beard and eyebrow surgery, The patient is encourage to choose a experie

Beard transplant turkey

Many men like the look of the beard as it is very appealing to most people and is considered attractive , some men have suffered hair loss in this area due to certain reasons, in this circumstance regrowth of the beard is most desirable. the many people choose The beard transplant to solve that problem.

Beard hair transplant

The procedure of beard and mustache growth

The procedure differs to that off the normal hair transplant it begins with applying a local anesthetic, the donor hairs are extracted from the calf muscle and rear skull regions.

How long does beard transplant last?

The surgery takes between 3 to 5 hours depending on the amount of hair needed.
The surgeon extracts the hairs from the donor then implants them in the areas which require re growth.

Beard transplant risks

This procedure is a very precise and technical procedure due to the fact the area of skin that we are dealing with around the eye brows is a very sensitive area as the skin is very delicate.
The DHI Technique pen is used in this procedure as the slim diameter of the tip of the head is very delicate and is best suitable for this procedure.
This procedure has a very fast healing time as it leaves very minimal scar tissue damage.
The hair follicles are implanted at the area of the greatest hair density one by one in a acute angle to ensure maximum hair growth and enable a 100 % natural hair look.


Beard transplant aftercare

Steps to be taken post operation

After the first day the patient is required to sleep on his or her back
The patient must avoid any exposition the suns ray
To avoid any type of smoking until the hair begins to re grow
To avoid any swimming activity or severe impact activities for the first 20 days
The patient is required to take all prescribed medicines especially ones in regards to allergies problems

Beard transplant after 2 weeks

The patient is able to to shave the hair after 2 weeks

Beard transplant after 1 month

The hair begins to regrow after 4 weeks

The cost of the beard growth procedure

The beard growth surgery is typically more expence hospital in this flied of beard and eye brow growth ,this is why ozel is a great choice

beard transplant price

Ozel hospital has undergone multiple successful Hair transplantation, and eye brow surgeries with a outstanding success rate by using the latest medical equipment ,primarily by choi pen of the Dhi.

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