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Benefits of beets for hair

Benefits of beets for hair

Benefits of beets for hair

Beet root contains a lot of protein, fibre, organic acids and amino acids. Also it contains vitamins and very important mineral salts for nourishing the hair and head scalp.

It’s rich in important vitamins like C, A, B2 . Also it’s rich in potassium and magnesium whic bring back to the hair its vitality and bloom.

Root beer acts on curing anaemia . It’s a source of folic acid which helps in many things like

. Helps in curing hair loss

. Stimulates  hair growth for men and women and it makes it longer and hairier .

. Folic acids accelerated the production of normal cells and its division and that will lead to better hair growth .

Decrease the appearance of grey hair .

. Helps in curing of Alopecia.

. Gives the fair vitality and glow.

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