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The cost of hair transplant in Turkey 2020, by extracting in Saudi riyals, dollars and pounds

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey 2020, by extracting in Saudi riyals, dollars and pounds

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey

Today we are talking about The cost of hair transplant in Turkey and Istanbul for the year 2020, and we know that this type of operation witnessed a great prosperity in the previous period because it is due to scientific and medical perfumes and European countries in the first ranks of those who think about doing this process.

but now Turkey has reached scientific progress and modern devices Doctors with the qualifications of European countries give very superior results than the previous one and this type of plastic surgery in Turkey was classified by the International Society of Plastic Surgery ISAPS because Turkey is one of the countries that excels in this field of plastic surgery in general and hair transplant in Istanbul is considered one of the best places in which Here this kind of cosmetic surgery.

But when we stand in front of hair transplant operations, the country of Turkey has developed significantly in this type of operation, as it is one of the distinguished countries in this field, and this is not just opinions, but also reports from media professionals and journalists, whose reports spoke about the amount of revenue that Turkey receives annually Of the hair transplant operations, which amounts to about one billion dollars, and the reports also included the rates of demand for this process per month, and the number was about 5 thousand customers per month.

Therefore, do not be afraid in the procedure for this process, which has become easy and simple in Turkey, this country has become a medical surge in cosmetic operations and has become easy and simple unlike the previous, and you can also learn about the mechanism for determining The cost of hair transplant in Turkey before the operation.

How much does hair transplant cost in Istanbul 2020

  • The average price of hair transplant in Turkey in Saudi riyals 5000 Saudi riyals.
  • The average price of hair transplant in Turkey in dollars is 1500 dollars.
  • The average price of hair transplant in Turkey is 24000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The average price of hair transplant in Turkey in Rial Omani 550 Omani Rial.
  • The average price of hair transplant in Turkey in Jordanian dinars is 1,000 Jordanian dinars.
  • The average price of hair transplantation in Turkey in Moroccan dirhams is 14400 Moroccan dirhams.

These prices are average and change according to the technology used in Ozel Hospital, and you can find out the exact price by contacting us via WhatsApp.

Inside Ozel Hospital you get an integrated package such as:

  • You get a reception at the airport.
  • Translator and private car for internal transportation in Istanbul
  • Medication package
  • Lifetime warranty certificate
  • 3 sessions of Her Bee
  • hotel accomodation for 3 nights  and 4 days

The following video explains the steps involved in the FUE technique 

The advantages of hair transplant in Turkey

The idea of ​​performing hair transplantation is not difficult or dangerous. Perhaps it was previously one of the dangerous or difficult operations that can cause problems for the patient after the operation, bacteria and infection that can enter the body but with the scientific and medical progress and the scientific breakthrough that modern medicine has become. This type of operation is easy and usual and there is no risk. Do not worry about the centres that carry out this type of operation. They are always equipped with the latest equipment for these matters and to solve any problem that you may face during the operation in addition to the specialist who will solve any problems that may occur.

And you should know that because of the prices related to hair transplantation or The cost of hair transplant in Turkey , you find many centres that do not have any license from the Ministry of Health, and therefore you find people who complain that hair transplantation operations are unsuccessful and have no value and this is due to this type of centre There are no specialised doctors in them, their first goal is materialism and a greater harvest. Money may be possible in unlawful ways. With time and many complaints, this centre is held accountable and closed immediately, so you must be careful and search for reliable centres and we recommend you to the Ozel Centre specialised in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey and Baghdad as a way To get rid of this problem And resolved definitively.

Cost advantages of hair transplant in Istanbul

  • The cost of hair transplants in Turkey is much cheaper than European countries, and this does not mean that Turkey is less than the European centres, but in Turkey there are devices that give the same performance that gives the centre of Europe, but it can also exceed these centres.
  • This process is performed using the latest medical devices and technologies.
  • Extreme care in Ozel Hospital, infection prevention and sterilisation.
  • You are contacted for a full year by the support team free of charge to make sure you reach the desired result.
  • You will get a real, certified warranty with which you can review any branch in the world.
  • We at Ozel Hair Transplant Hospital have been operating since 1998 and we have performed
  • We are a hospital specialised only in hair transplantation and do not work in any other field and this feature you will not find
  • For most cosmetic hospitals, there is a big difference between the specialists and those who work on everything.
  • The highest percentage of successful experiences in your hair transplant is owned by Ozil International Hospital.
  • There are several days before the operation, such as tests and medical examination, you can visit the sights in Turkey.
  • More than 40 thousand successful hair transplants in all our branches in Turkey and abroad.

Procedures for the day before performing the hair transplant

  • In the beginning, the specialist doctor inspects the patient, speaks with him, and answers any questions that come to your mind, and then tells you how the hair transplantation process is done, and you can learn how to perform the operation below, and this examination is done by clarifying the number of sessions and the appropriate time to perform this process.
  • Then the second step is taken, which is to perform a set of analyses to ensure that there are no diseases that may affect this process.
  • After the necessary analysis and inspection, the entire head hair is removed.
  • The process stage is now being prepared for the operation room
  • Now the specialist doctor draws the places where the hair will be transplanted and the drawing is done with great precision
  • After completing all of these things, the doctor begins the process by applying local anaesthetic to the scalp
  • Now the hair transplant is performed
  • It returns 48 hours after the operation and the scalp is washed by a specialist

How is the hair transplant process?

The scalp and the shaving of existing hair are completely cleaned, the places for transplantation are now drawn and mapped, then the doctor begins to numb the scalp for transplantation, specifically the area where the transplant will take place.

Now the doctor performs the process of opening the channels in the scalp in a consistent and regular way, which is the most important stage of hair transplantation, after which the follicles are transplanted.

Now the process is over and all that remains is for the doctor to advise you on such things as sleep conditions.

After 48 hours have passed, you return to your doctor to wash your scalp

Tips after performing a hair transplant in Turkey

When you perform hair transplantation, the doctor either removes hair follicles from the scalp and re-implants them or eradicates them from places of heavy hair in the body and implanted them in places with little hair, but when transplanting hair, the transplanted hair follicles are not fixed and do not take enough time to stabilise, so you must follow the advice The following so that the hair follicles will not fall out and we lose the expected results:

  • Do not touch the scalp and you may feel some friction. Do not follow this feeling because it will harm you and will not reach you for the desired result.
  • Always try not to head down or hit your head with anything
  • Always try to raise your head from the level of the body when sleeping and never sleep on your side because you will press on the hair and affect it, and always try to sleep on your back until you keep the follicles from falling.
  • Do not expose your head to the sun in the first days after the operation.
  • Do not be exposed to bad rituals such as air and strong winds, as this may lead to fall or injury to the bulbs and incomplete healing of the head.
  • No great effort is made after the operation, and you can get up to a month after the operation at the beginning. The time varies from one doctor to another.
  • Do not swim in the water within 30 days after the procedure.
  • The doctor will advise you on some nutritional supplements for the body that contain vitamins, zinc and iron.
  • Avoid alcohol-containing drinks.The doctor will tell you about many things that you must do after the operation, such as a sleeping position and some fruits and foods that help make the hair transplant more complete and stronger.

Are there wounds after hair transplant?

In fact, previously there were many wounds, but now the wounds are a very simple scratching like a needle only, because of the great development in the devices that perform this process and distinguished and accurate surgery, so you will not need laser plastic surgery or any of these things.

Hair transplant techniques in Istanbul, Ozel Hospital?

At Ozel Hospital, there are three techniques used by hair experts in hair transplant operations there, and through them the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is also determined. Through this article, we learn together the three techniques to identify distinct services within Ozel Hospital, the largest hair transplant hospital in Turkey.

“FUE” technique for hair transplantation

The first technique is hair transplantation by extraction and this technique is considered one of the best techniques for hair transplantation for many cases that want to grow hair, as they resort to it for fear of any wounds in their scalp, as it is among the advantages of this technology that it eliminates the problem of baldness And the problem of hair loss, to make everyone grow their hair by means of being able to win over those problems that affect his life.

How “FUE” technique is used for hair transplantation

The picking technique, which is the most famous techniques used by the Ozel Hospital in hair transplantation processes, and only the hair transplant experts in Ozel have made this technique not manual since they use a micro-conical motor, through which they extract hair roots from the donor areas that have heavy hair growth, and then they transfer And cultivation for areas with a density of little or problem of baldness or falling

The Ozel Hospital hospitalisation technique achieves impressive results for its clients, as it achieves the best results, so that after the operation the patient finds himself a beautiful result of a large density of hair, as it treats “alopecia” and makes it disappear, and also this technique treats alopecia which is hereditary and is also the best solution For hair loss, just as the motor used for hair extraction and cultivation has small, point-like holes that disappear under the hair, unlike in the past where the scalp had large holes.

The steps of picking technique

Hair transplantation in Turkey with the technique of picking goes through several steps, those steps are done regularly, and during the following lines we learn about the steps in order: –

The first step

The doctor first gives the patient a local anaesthetic injection so that he does not feel any pain during the procedure, which lasts from 4 to 5 hours.

The second step

Then the doctor uses a conical micro motor to extract the hair roots from the hair donor areas, which have a high density of hair, which is mostly in the scalp from the back.

The third step

Then the doctor places the extracted roots in a solution for safekeeping.

The fourth step

In the fourth step, channels are opened in the scalp. These channels are at the site of the problem, whether it is hair loss, baldness or alopecia.

The fifth step

In the fifth step, the roots that the doctor previously extracted are implanted in the places that have a problem in the patient’s hair, knowing that this technique is the channels in which they are opened fusion after 8 hours of the operation, and that the single session is planting 5800 bulbs.

The advantages of picking technology

The technique of extracting has a number of advantages, making it one of the best techniques around the world in hair transplantation, and those advantages are: –

  • Eliminates the problem of baldness and the problem of falling.
  • Hair transplant experts use the conical micro motor to extract and transplant the hair with that tiny, point-like holes, and those points heal very quickly.

Hair transplant technology “sapphire”

As for the second technique used by hair experts in a question that eliminates the problem of baldness and the problem of falling out,  sapphire is, the technique that is newer than the picking technique due to the advantages in it, and in that technique hair experts use a pen that is equipped with a head of “exhale… which is A stone of precious stones “in order to open the hair channels in order to grow hair in them, and those holes are very accurate, which makes us not see them with the naked eye, which confirms that their healing is very quickly because they make very small holes.

What are the steps for hair transplant with exhalation technique?

Hair transplantation with exhalation technology is carried out through a number of steps, and during the following lines we monitor for you the steps that doctors take to transplant hair with exhalation technique which is represented in: –

The first step

Initially, when performing a hair transplant, the doctor exhales the patient with an anaesthetic without pain, to perform the procedure, which ranges from 5 to 7 hours.

The second step

Then the doctor extracts the hair roots from the donor’s hair, through the micro-motor system, and that is without any surgical tools.

The third step

In this step, the extracted roots are transported in a solution to be kept until opening the channels and hair transplantation in the problem area.

The fourth step

In the fourth step, channels are opened in areas that have a hair problem, through an exhalation pen, knowing that this pen is provided with a head of exhalation, which is a stone of precious stones.

The fifth step

In the fifth and final step, the doctor implants the follicles that he extracted in the places that have a hair problem, those areas may be the problem of hair loss, baldness or alopecia, knowing that the channels that are opened with this technique fuse after 3 hours of the operation, and that the one session 7000 bulbs are grown.

Saphhire technology features

Sapphire  technology has a number of features, which make customers who resort to hair transplantation prefer to do it with this technique, and those features are as follows: 

The expiratory head provided with the pen used in this technique is characterised by stimulating collagen cells while opening channels to grow hair roots, knowing that collagen is characterised by it helps return cells and tissues in the scalp again as it was.

Sapphire  technology, among its advantages, is that its doctors do not use any surgical instruments during the procedure.

DHI Pen Choi Technology

The third technique used inside Ozel Hospital in hair transplantation is the technique of Choi pens, which are pens that resemble regular pens that are writing, but at the end there is a needle in the form of a hollow and cylindrical, and a diameter of 0.7 mm, that needle is used by hair experts in capturing Hair is one of the donor areas for hair, which has heavy hair growth, and its transfer to areas with hair problems such as hair loss and baldness.

Steps for hair transplantation with choi pens technique

The first step

Initially, the doctor injects the patient with a local anaesthetic injection without pain so that he does not feel any pain when performing the operation.

The second step

Then the doctor extracts the roots of hair with a micrograph motor from the areas that have a large density of hair growth.

The third step

In the third step, hair is transplanted in areas with problems of hair loss, baldness or light hair.

Choi Pens technology features

The technique of Choi pens has a number of advantages that make it among the famous techniques that are prevalent in Turkey in hair transplant operations. These features are: –

  • This technique does not need to open channels during the process as the follicles are implanted with a roasting pen.
  • Also, the technique of Choi pens does not need to keep the follicles in solution because they are cultivated at the same time directly

In conclusion 

We at Ozel International Hospital offer you a free consultation to provide advice about hair transplantation so you can contact us to answer all your questions about the cost of hair transplantation.

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