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What is an eyebrow transplant?

The eyebrows are considered to be a completion factor for the image of the face due to its positioning it can add a beautiful aspect to the face and hence make it more attractive and appealing to others, eye brow hair loss can do due to a accident , this can effects a persons self esteem issues and also reduce confidence due to the appearance change.

Which circumstances require eye brow surgery to be taken?

When the patient has experience zero hair growth since birth.
As a result of a accident or fire exposure.
Inherited reasons.
Skin disease which can cause the hair loss but in this case the patient is urged to cure this skin problem before thinking of getting a transplant.
Deformation in the eye brows due to pre existing surgeries in that area.
Personal issues that has lead someone to manually extract the eye brow hairs.
Elder age people tend to see that there eye brow hairs begin to fall between 50 to 60 and hence they desire this procedure to return to a youthful look.
Eye brow hair loss due to chemotherapy and x ray treatment due to suffering of cancer.

What is the eye brow transplant?

The procedure for eye brow transplant doesn’t differ from the other areas except that is encouraged to only use the dhi technique as it gives the greatest hair density and leaves minimal scar tissue damage.

Eye brow transplant using dhi

The hair follicles are taken from the rear end of the skull or the side of the skull and transported to the area around the eye brows which require re growth

Stages of Eyebrow Transplant

This is the most important step in the eye brow transplant as it determines the image outcome.
The second stage is compromised of removing the hairs and placing them into a special liquid solvent which maintains the healthiness of the hairs and adds essential vitamins , the doctor then begins with by implanting the hairs into the eye brow section with very careful precision and delicacy under a magnifier which allows a very accurate placement of the hairs one by one.

What is the duration of the eye brow surgery?

Like other procedures the duration depends on the number of extracted Hair transplantation follicles but in particular the eye brow surgery the length of each eyebrow comes into play , due to the precise and utmost care that must be taken to plant each hair follicle one by one the surgery usually takes around 4 hours.

During the first week there is some noticeable peeling around each hair which leaves a pink coloured spot but this spot is quick to disappear and the normal image is set to re appear immediately, after the first week the patient is permitted to return to work and every day life activity without any complications as the surgery leaves no visible effects or damage to the skin.

How is the eye brow transplant performed at ozel hospital?

At ozel hospital the eye brow transplant is performed using the dhi technique as it is able to bring about the greatest hair amount extracted and also produce greater hair density, with this said dhi is also suitable to for the sensitive skinned areas as its leaves very minimal scar tissue damage ,furthermore dhi is considered the fastest technique available.

Eyebrow Transplant Results

Advice on obtaining the best results

This operation differentiates itself as it is considered to be quite simple to process , it falls under the category of beauty related surgery which requires a very experienced doctor on board to enable a smooth transplantation of the smaller hair follicles into the correct areas without any errors.

Eyebrow transplant in turkey

This surgery requires the cause of the eye brow hair loss to be identified initially before any procedure is taken place, if the reasoning is medical then the sickness or disease must be death with accordingly before the eyebrow transplant in turkey is taken place.
This is why the patient must be very careful with which clinic they choose.

Eyebrow transplant cost

All of these credentials are available within the team at ozel hospital alongside with the latest state of the art medical equipment.

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