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Find out the cost of chin implants in Turkey

Find out the cost of chin implants in Turkey

The cost of chin implants in Turkey

The process of chin implantation in Turkey is one of the most common plastic surgery processes in the recent period on a large scale, especially after the great scientific development witnessed in this field, and a large group of men and youth seeks to take a decision to conduct the process of chin implantation or moustache in Turkey for many reasons You can also learn about the best ways to grow chin voids in Turkey,the cost of chin implants in Turkey .

In our article, you will find everything you want to know about the cost of the chin implant in Turkey, and what are the techniques and procedures followed, in addition to knowing the average prices and also the total cost, and what the chin transplant process offers in Turkey, and some important advice to follow after making these the operation.

How is the chin implant performed in Turkey?

The stages of chin implantation are never different from the stages of hair transplantation, whereby hair follicles that are suitable for donor areas at the back of the scalp are harvested and then redistributed to the targeted areas of the patient’s chin in order to obtain a full beard.

The chin is divided into 7 regions, each area needs approximately 200 follicles in order for the patient to get full coverage, and according to the condition of the sick person the areas will be targeted by the transplant process as the doctor sets a plan for surgery and the number of follicles that need it, and is divided Chin to specific areas are:

The chin is divided into 7 regions

  1. Sulfan.
  2. Cheeks.
  3. The moustache.
  4. Hair under the beard.
  5. Front of the beard.
  6. The Jovan.
  7. Neck hair.

Chin implant techniques in Turkey:

In the beginning we must pay good attention to the fact that the private doctor is the only one able to determine the optimal technique for your condition, but we will offer you some information that may benefit you by choosing the best for you among the chin implant centres in Turkey, who is keen on continuous accompaniment, and is always interested in applying the latest technologies and full benefit From its advantages and safety and security factors.

Extraction of the  chin:

In the past, doctors used FUT technology to grow head hair, as the doctor passes a slice of the scalp to the donor area and is divided into follicular units, after which it is distributed in proportion to the affected areas, but this method is never suitable for transplanting the chin that has special characteristics.

Hence, the surgical method developed in the chin implant in Turkey, and the main goal is not to resort to the recessed wound that cleanses the process at the back of the head, due to the segmented slices, and a device known as (Albash) is used to harvest the follicles one by one in the donor areas, and the FUT technique is The scientific basics upon which all developments are based in the areas of chin implant in Turkey.

The stages of chin implant:

Carrying out the follicles from the donor area, so that the doctor selects the mono-hair follicles, which are of ideal thickness and colour, and the doctor saves them in the “hypothormus” as it is a substance that protects the hair follicles from damage, or that they die before transplanting, while making sure to preserve the degree Low heat.

The receiving areas are prepared and the incubating channels of the transplanted hair follicles are incised, in terms of angles, diameter and depth, which guarantees an ideal environment in order to prevent the loss of the implanted follicles, and it also helps the hair grow quickly.The implantation of follicles, which is the last stage of the stages of the chin implant process in Turkey, in which the hair follicles are implanted into the channels equipped with them, and whenever the doctor has a high efficiency and long experience helps to preserve the largest possible percentage of the follicles without being damaged or exposed to death.

Choi Chin Pens Technology:

The technique of chin hair transplantation with choi pens has spread in Turkey recently in a clear way, especially for ease of use. Chin implants or eyebrows and other operations are one.

Due to the spread of technology to do DHI or less than Choi for the operations of chin and hair transplant in Turkey, because of the advantages it provided are not found in the techniques that preceded it, including:

  • Hair transplantation is carried out in two stages, not three stages, as they do not need to open the receiving channels before they begin transplanting.
  • It gives the doctor who performs the operation a tremendous ability to control the depths and angles of the follicles being grown.
  • Maintaining a large amount of follicles that are used during the process without being subjected to death or damage.
  • The time set to complete the procedure is relatively less than other techniques, and thus the anaesthesia percentage is lower.
  • The scars that exist after the operation are very accurate and you cannot notice them, as they disappear completely in a few days.
  • It is possible for the patient to practice his normal life from the day after the operation.
  • The recent results of chin transplantation are very natural and indistinguishable from the original hair.

Chin implant cost:

the cost of chin implants in Turkey ranges between 200 to 300 dollars on average, according to the nature of the patient’s condition and the type of results desired, and you may notice that the cost of chin implants in Turkey is relatively more than the cultivation of head hair.

This may be due to the chin implantation needs from special procedures and warnings, in addition to the expertise and high-quality efficiency that must be available to the doctor, as he is able to deal more with sensitive body sites, as it is more influencing the general form, and any error in the process is caused by deformations that are Hard to handle.

Chin implant process in Turkey:

In order to realise the exact cost of chin implantation in Turkey with regard to the special case, you can conduct a free consultation. As for the level of medical services related to chin implantation in Turkey, it is comparable to that it exceeds that in America in European countries, and that the cost of chin implantation sometimes reaches about $ 10,000 American, and also it is not possible to finally compare the quality level in Turkey with that found in some Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and others, and that the cost in many centres and clinics can reach 8 thousand dollars.\

Important tips after chin implants:

  • Avoid permanently touching the chin or transplanted hair after the operation, and work to take important precautions to avoid collision with this area.
  • Lie down and sleep on the back for the first three nights after the chin implant, in order to avoid the chin from any friction.
  • Avoid tilting to the head or bending over, and make it permanently as flat as possible.

It is normal for some scales to appear on the transplanted hair in the first three weeks and they will be provided, with care products. We will tell you how to use them, which help you get past that stage quickly, but avoid using any other care products other than this which the attending physician provides.

You should not expose yourself to any unstable weather conditions including rain or wind, and also avoid exposure to sunlight.

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