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For these reasons you should consume a great amount of spinach

For these reasons you should consume a great amount of spinach

Introduction to spinach, and its benefits for hair

The spinach plant, which is known as the spinach plant, is one of the species of fossil plants, which exist extensively in the Asian continent, especially in the Islamic state of Iran, and that is eaten raw or cooked, as it is one of the most important plants beneficial to the body because it contains many health benefits such as vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin K, in addition to the few proteins and calories appropriate for the body.

The spinach plant when ingested works to regulate the level of sugar in the body because it contains alpha acid, which works as an antioxidant to reduce the level of sugar in the body, as the plant reduces the carcinogenic effects in the body as a result of containing chlorophyll, in addition to containing beta carotene, which reduces the rate of asthma.

The best nutrients for hair in spinach

Spinach is one of the best types of plants that contain in their composition nutritious elements for hair, including:

Vitamin A: Spinach is a plant rich in vitamin A that increases the growth of tissues and follicles, in addition to the omega-3 acid that nourishes the scalp and hair and promotes strong growth.

Iron FE: Spinach contains large amounts of iron, which works to reduce hair loss as a result of stimulating the growth of hair follicles extensively.

Vitamin D: The spinach plant has high levels of vitamin D. It works to stimulate collagen, which contributes to improving the freshness of the skin and strengthening damaged hair follicles.

The spinach plant stimulates the scalp to produce natural oils that moisturize the scalp and hair and not be subject to dehydration that leads to hair loss.

Some natural spinach blends are necessary to repair the hair

Honey, oil and spinach mixture: this mixture works to end the irritation caused by the scalp, which gives the hair a natural shine and excellent protection from hair loss due to stimulating blood circulation in the head and neck area.

The oil and spinach mixture: The oil and spinach mixture stimulates blood circulation in the head and neck area, which leads to opening the pores of the scalp that work to regulate the production of oils in them, which leads to faster and natural hair growth in addition to treating the problem of dry and damaged hair.


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