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Hair loss causes and treated in the right way

Hair loss causes and treated in the right way

Hair loss causes and treated in the right way

Hair loss is a major problem that causes loss of confidence in those with it, as hair is one of the most important manifestations of the external appearance of people, so the crisis of hair loss and its treatment is one of the problems that need a clear answer, Explain Hair loss causes and treated in the right way and all the causes of hair loss in detail and the best methods of treatment.

Hair loss causes and treated in the right way

The first reason: the use of harmful chemical preparations

As many women and men who have problems with their hair resort to solving those problems, including hair loss and its treatment using chemicals that are harmful, these preparations are harmful, so these products are considered the first leading causes of hair loss.

The second reason: hereditary alopecia

The second reason for the problem of hair loss is that it is hereditary, that is, it is transmitted from the father or mother, and that problem begins to appear on the person who suffers from it in the second or third decade, and up to the fourth decade of age.

The third reason: alopecia areata

As for alopecia areata, which is spots in the scalp or in the body, and hair falls out of it until that stain develops baldness.

The fourth reason: crappy hair loss

As for crappy hair loss, it occurs when a person is exposed to a great effort or trauma, and mostly affects the upper part of the hair, as it affects women during pregnancy and childbirth.

 Fifth reason: ringworm of the head

This reason results from the presence of fungal skin infection in the scalp and hair roots, appearing as patches covered with dandruff on the scalp, these spots get bigger and spread and cause split hair and redness of the skin and then fall out.

Sixth reason: Trichotillomania

Also among the causes of hair loss is trichotillomania, which is a psychological disorder that causes people to tend to pull hair from their scalp, eyebrows or hair in the body.

The seventh reason: alopecia areata

As for alopecia areata, it infects people as a result of an infection that is either bacterial, fungal or viral, and causes damage to the hair follicles.

Hair loss treatment

There are many treatments for hair loss, and each case chooses the treatment that best suits her condition, and during the following lines we learn about the methods that treat hair loss, and they are: 

First: Medicines

Medicines are the first solution that individuals resort to when losing hair and treating it. There are two types of medication that can treat hair loss: Minoxidil, iron supplements.

Second: Hair transplantation

We learned about hair loss, its causes and its treatment, and the treatment of hair loss may be through hair transplant operations, and through hair transplant experts in Turkey at the Ozil Hospital which is the largest hospital in this field in the Middle East, they say that the hair transplant operation is a cosmetic surgery during which they transfer the roots The hair that is in the densest places to the places that are less dense, to treat hair loss, explaining that they do this process by three techniques: “picking, exhaling, Choi pens.”

Third: surgery to restore hair

Among the methods of treating hair loss, undergoing surgery to restore hair restoration, where in that process hair is restored and the places where hair is lost and treated are considered, and the people who can undergo that process are: “whose hair falls out due to a scalp injury or the presence of a burn In the scalp, or those who seem to have epilepsy prominent prominent.

Fourth: Shrink scalp skin

Among the treatments for hair loss is the narrowing of the skin of the scalp, for patients who suffer from widening baldness, and that narrowing is done through surgery, and that process with some cases was not only narrowing, but the situation reaches to hide it completely, and that process can be combined with Hair transplants.

Natural advice to prevent and treat hair loss

There are a number of tips that we have carried out by a number of dermatologists, and specialists in the field of hair transplantation in Ozil, to collect them for you in order to benefit readers, and these are natural advice to prevent hair loss and treatment as well, through routine things a person should do continuously, those tips she:-

1 – Stay away from stress

Among the tips that may also prevent a person from falling out of his hair, is to move away from the psychological pressures that cause him anxiety, and to follow a proper diet, stop eating fast food and cutting the ends of the hair every three months.

2- Massage the scalp with onion juice

Onion juice is considered one of the most important advice that some people reiterate about preventing hair loss, as onions contain sulfur that works to enhance the blood circulation of hair follicles, so it strengthens them and prevents any infections in them, knowing that these infections are one of the causes of hair loss.

3- Beet juice

Beet juice is among the essentials in an integrated diet that helps prevent hair loss if a person follows it, and that juice is eaten and not applied to the scalp.

4- Drink green tea

Among the tips also is that a person should take green tea to prevent hair loss, as green tea works to stimulate hair follicles and stimulates hair production and thus has been included among the tips to prevent hair loss and treatment.

5- Use aloe vera

Aloe vera is also considered one of the reasons that prevent hair loss, as it contains enzymes that cause direct enhancement of healthy hair growth, and the way to use it is by applying aloe vera juice to the scalp and massaging it, and with aloe vera mix a small tin of fenugreek, and basil milled.

6- Massage the hair with hot oil

Massaging hair with hot oil is among the things that largely prevent hair loss, as a person who suffers from hair loss has to try it, as he has to heat some oil like “coconut or almond” and massages his scalp very slowly with the tips of his fingers And that causes blood flow in the hair follicles and this works to strengthen the strength of the hair roots.

7- Massage the hair with clove oil

As for clove oil, it is considered one of the best oils used to treat hair loss, as it improves the blood circulation in the scalp, and nourishes the hair from its roots, and the way to use it is to massage the scalp with a little clove oil, and let it for thirty minutes, then wash it.

8- Massage the scalp with lemon juice

Also, lemon juice is among the reasons that strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair loss, as it contains a high percentage of vitamin C and citric acid, which makes the hair moisturized and strong, and the way to use it is to mix equal amounts of lemon juice and coconut milk, and we massage a scalp The head is in circular motions, and we leave it on the hair for fifteen minutes, after which we wash it and repeat this mixture on a daily basis.


We have provided hair experts at Ozil Hospital during this article with all the information about hair loss and its treatment, so that readers can learn about hair loss and its causes, and we also provided important advice that people take to reduce and treat the problem of hair loss that affects them, since after the failure of natural methods They have to resort to medications and then solve them by surgery to get the look they want.

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