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How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

?How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

A high majority of people from Europe, US sought out the best hospitals in Turkey for having a hair transplant and getting a natural, fashionable look. The relatively reasonable cost might be the first tempting factor. But safety also is an important consideration, and having your surgery at the hand of experienced is important. 

At last, you don’t want to travel to turkey overwhelmed by fears about the surgery’s failure. or even stuck in a place where you seek a clinic for further improvement/ repairing. Choosing the best ideal in the first place will leave no room for any future concerns!.

Below are the top nine factors to consider while choosing the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey.

The reputation of the hospital

 A reputable hospital will bolster your confidence. But how do you know the hospital you choose for hair trasnplant enjoys a respectable reputation?

The number one step is searching the hospital’s rate on Google. Also, read clients’ comments either on Google reviews or independent websites and ask about the doctors who will perform the surgery and their qualifications. 

Testimonies aren’t bad propaganda since people trust others like them more than the organization’s promotions. 

Being a Top center for Hair transplant in Turkey, ozel hospital has 4.9 stars on Google reviews and five stars on Proven experts, a fully independent, neutral website where customers can disclose their opinions freely about the services.

The expertise of the hospital and the surgeons

Expertise is crucial for delivering outstanding and satisfying results. Thus, choosing a specialized hospital with deep roots in hair transplants will guarantee you will not get disappointed after inadequate surgery. Also, you should ensure not only the hospital but the medical staff there are well-trained and experienced.

Ozel hospital is a pioneering, long-standing center with expertise of over 20 years. This hospital dedicated its services only to the field of hair transplants. 

Proud to perform 40 k successful surgery by professional doctors, Ozal Hospital Hair ensures the results will meet and even exceed your expectations.

  • The accreditation and credibility of the hospital

Accreditation boosts the client’s confidence in the hospital and instills a sense of credibility in their services/offers. 

Ozel hospital has lifetime accreditation that entitles clients who want the service to revise it in all the hospital’s branches in Turkey, Iraq, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Besides, Ozel Hospital has been voted as the Top center for Hair transplant in Turkey by the thegazette in 2016. Also got ranked as the top hospital by yenisafak vote in 2019 and 2020. Furthermore, it’s the only hospital to get the YouTube silver shield in the world.

  • The technology used for hair transplant

Given the medical, rapid advancement, clients are seeking out minimally-invasive procedures for hair transplants that ensure them minimum pain with the least short downtime and recovery.

Ozel hospital boasts cutting-edge techniques in hair transplants. The treatment options include the Sapphire technique, a new technological innovation that can implant about 5000-6000 hair grafts per session and is suitable for people who seek dense hair.

Another innovative option is the DHI technique, which allows the implantation of 1500-3500 hair grants. And it’s preferred by many people over 25 with thicker hair in the donor area. Also, people whose hair tone is close to their skin color achieve the best result.

  • The Affordable treatment price packages

While it cost you 8000, 13000  USD for hair transplant in UK and US respectively. This price reduces down to 2600 in turkey. Even, it ranges between 1500 and 3000 dollars. Thus, many tourists flock to Turkey for hair transplant surgeries. Here, you can get an effective result without sacrificing quality.

Also, most hospitals now in turkey offer an all-inclusive package, which means the expense doesn’t cover only the procedure but other services like accommodation, airport transfer, medications, language assistance, etc. That system allows you to concentrate on the surgery without being distracted by other details.

In ozel hospital, custom packages are tailored to suit your desires. Also, this package includes an integrated program to enjoy your journey in turkey and replenish your soul. So, you can get comfortable for the hair transplant sessions.

  • the communication of the staff

No doubt that friendly communication creates a sense of comfort between the client and the hospital. People love those who appreciate them and answer their concerns. 

From the first moment, Ozel’s support team will be waiting for you at the Istanbul airport to pick you up at the airport and commute to your selected hotel-which you’ve previously reserved. So, you can feel rested and ultimately comfortable on the day before surgery.

Before surgery, our doctors will have time to listen attentively to your questions and elicit responses from you about your case. After calming all of your doubts, they will set an initial examination of your scalp.

Also, one of the features offered by Ozel hospital is they deduct time during surgery so you can eat or drink and get comfortable.

  • Free-year consultation

The best customer service doesn’t end by offering the service but continues after the surgery. Following up with the customers build up good relations and strengthen their loyalty to the hospital. In other words, Postoperative consultation is even much important than the surgery itself. 

For this reason, Ozel hospital offers its clients a free one-year consultation after the surgery. They cost zero charges to ensure the results are good and they’re not suffering from any complications. That free feature made several clients feel credible in its services and become loyal to Ozel hospital.

  • Committing to the Hygienic rules

In the time of coronavirus, Ensuring safety for clients is a priority in any hospital. Ozel hospital upholds the highest safety and precaution standards, including forcing staff to wear masks and measure temperature. All operation rooms are sanitized at the time between the client’s appointments.

For contacting ozel hospital, the Top center for Hair transplants in Turkey for further questions, click here.

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