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Why Men Everywhere Are Going to Istanbul for Hair Transplant

Why Men Everywhere Are Going to Istanbul for Hair Transplant

Why Men Everywhere Are Going to Istanbul for Hair Transplant

Turkey isn’t only renowned for its breath-taking nature and captivating beaches. It’s also ranked as among the top three destinations in the world for medical surgery. Tourists from Europe, the US, Russia, and Gulf countries flock to turkey for its low-priced cost and sophisticated healthcare infrastructure. 

At the top of the surgical operations in turkey, there is a hair transplant. that’s a procedure in which the surgeon moves dense locks of hair from the scalp, then implants them in the bald area in your head. So you can get thick healthy hair.

 Hair transplants are sought out by many people for aesthetic and medical reasons. Dreaming of getting thick hair at a low cost? a short journey to Istanbul for a hair transplant will solve your problem.

Wondering why? Here are the top five reasons why hair transplant is the best in turkey.

  1. The affordable cost for hair transplant surgeries in turkey

Tourists from over the globe swarm to turkey for surgical transformation. The reason: it competitive packages. The prices for a Hair transplant in Istanbul are less than in US or UK by about 70%. And the cost ranges between 1500: 3000$, depending on the number of hair follicles implanted. 

That doesn’t take away from offering high-quality surgeries. It is due to the low labor cost and the debasement of the Turkish currency Lira. 1 USA dollar equals 9.6 Lira). So, we can say prices for a hair transplant in turkey are average for national people but way less for people abroad. 

Cheap prices for surgeries make turkey an influx for many tourists. They can save up a lot of money without compromising on quality.

  1. Turkey embraces the best in class doctors in Hair transplant

Doctors in Istanbul are the best in the world. As the demand for a Hair transplant in Turkey is high, surgeons have to update their experience and procedures incessantly. Compared to other countries in Europe, Turkish doctors are the most experienced. They perform hundreds of hair transplants each year with a success rate of over 98%.

Also, to meet the high demand, Turkish doctors are adept at using the best revolutionary techniques in hair transplants that guarantee the least amount of pain and outstanding cosmetic results.

Ozel hospital encompasses the best-trained doctors with experience accumulated over three decades. Our doctors will treat you well. Besides, we have a perfect translation team, thus you will not face any language barriers, which will ease communication between you and them.

  1. Hair transplants are safe and hassle-free in turkey

Some foreigners can be wary about traveling to turkey due to security issues. Safety in Istanbul is like any city in the world. The overall situation in the country is stable, and foreigners from all over the globe visit turkey annually. Ozel hospital is located in one of the safest districts in Istanbul in Ahmet Arif Cad, Esenyurt.

 Hair transplants in Turkey are conducted under high hygienic standards by specialized doctors, and choosing a reliable hospital will eliminate any fear of failure or grave complications. Ozel hospital is an award-winning pioneering hospital specialized in all types of hair transplants and entrusted by thousands of people for its credibility and upholding safety standards.

Also, it has performed over 40 thousand surgeries with 98% success. Also, it has a support team that you can communicate with to ensure the success of the surgery or over a year.

  1. Game-changing techniques in hair transplant 

Turkey allocates a high amount of money to health. In the last 15 years, it has Has Invested more Than 50 Billion USD In New Hospitals and Technology. That country’s attitude toward health can signal the massive progress in the techniques/ procedures used in a hair transplant in turkey. 

In ozel hospital, we deploy the highest techniques used in the hair transplant in Istanbul, including

  • FUE: 

A widely-used hair transplant procedure in which a surgeon extracts individual hair units- containing around 1:4 hair- from the dense area in your scalp, then harvests them in the bald area. This technique features high-safety rates with minor side effects, short downtime, and effective result since your hair starts to grow after 3-4 months.

  • Sapphire FUE:

It’s not a technique but an innovation added to the classic FUE. The only difference is while classical Fue uses steel blades for extracting hair follicles, the Sapphire Fue uses blades made from Gemstones and is known for its sharpness, smoothness, and durability. Thus, the surgeon could make more small and accurate incisions in the recipient area.

  • Choi pens technology/ DHI

It’s also an orthodox development to the authentic technique Fue- in which a device called Choi pens is used to remove hair follicles from the donor area to implant them into the recipient area. This technique is preferred for safety: it has no complications. Also, it’s convenient for women- since there is no need to shave the hair in the implanted area.


For making an appointment in ozel hospital in turkey, click here.

  1. Not just surgery but an exhilarating journey in Istanbul

A hair transplant in Istanbul can be a relaxing vacation more than a medical pursuit. In ozel hospital, we meet this desire for our clients who praise our high customer service. Our integrated program grants you a high-success surgery and enjoyable journey in the idyllic spots in Istanbul. 

  • Our friendly team will receive you at Istanbul airport. It consists of a translator, support manager, and driver. They will escort you to the hotel you reserved for being comfortable and prepared for the surgery – you can contact them anytime over this day.


  • On the second day, this team will commute you to the hospital where the surgery is conducted. They will check your hair. Then examine it to measure your condition before surgery. There are free periods deducted from the time of surgery in which you can rest and even have a meal or drink before resuming the surgery.


  • On the third day, the ozel team will accompany you on a tourist tour that begins by having lunch in Şenlikköy beach, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the sea. At the end of the day, the team commutes you to the hotel. So you can be ready for the remaining sessions.


  • On the fourth/last day, you have additional sessions for hair transplant, and our doctors prescribe medicine to take depending on your case- and explain any concerns you have. At last, you can travel back home after having a perfect surgery and a memorable journey in turkey.

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