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hair transplant techniques and their types and costs

hair transplant techniques and their types and costs

hair transplant techniques and their types and costs

Hair is a key aspect beauty that are important to a wide range of people, whether they are male or female, but due to incorrect diet and health habits or due to physical changes, hair has many problems, including hair loss or alopecia, or the person may have a hereditary baldness hair transplant surgery is a fast effective way to solve this problem, Ozel Hospital elaborates in this article to explain and define what are the hair transplant techniques and their types and costs or how to calculate the cost of hair transplant.

What is the process of hair transplant? 

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery in which hair transplant experts extract hair roots from areas where hair grows intensively, to grow it in the area where the hair is problematic, such as “hair loss, hereditary alopecia, light hair, alopecia”, and that process is done By a number of techniques, each hair medical centre or hospital uses technologies that are appropriate for its clients or that are preferred by hospital experts.

The first technique: Hair transplantation with extraction.

Hair transplantation by extraction is the most popular technique of hair transplantation, this technique is not manual, hair transplant experts use a micro-conical motor to extract hair roots from areas with growth in hair density, and they put them in a solution to save them until channels open In areas with hair problems, then they transplant the hairs.

 This technique has several advantages represented in the fact that it does not occur surgical incisions in the scalp, enabling fast healing time , as the engine used in the process is affected by small holes similar to points that disappear under the hair unlike what was in the past as it fuses after 8 Hours of the operation, the process with extraction technology has a duration of 4 to 5 hours, one session is planting upto 5,800 grafts.

The second technique: Hair transplant technology “SAPPHIRE” 

The second technique is the technique of Sapphire, in which doctors grow hair with a pen with a head of sapphire which is a stone of gemstones in which channels are opened very accurately, and the process is done by doctors extracting hair using a micro-motor device, from Without any surgical tools, then he opens the channels with an sapphire pen and then implants them in the problem areas.

This technique is characterized by the sapphire head, which is characterized by the stimulation of collagen cells, while opening the channels to grow hair roots, and sapphire is characterized by that it helps the cells and tissues in the scalp to return again as it was, knowing that the duration of the operation takes 5 to 7 hours, and that technology channels that opens the fuses 3 hours after the operation, and 7000 follicles per session.

The third technique: “DHI” pen technique 

The technique of Choi pens for hair transplantation The third technique is the technique of Choi pens, which are ordinary pens that resemble writing pens but at the end have a hollow needle in a cylindrical shape with a small diameter so that hair transplant experts can open small channels for hair transplantation, and in the process doctors extract the hair roots from Donor areas by hair using a micro-gram motor, then they open the channels in areas with problems with a grill pens, and one of the advantages of this technique is that we do not need to save the follicles in a solution because they are grown directly at the same time.

The fourth technique: Hair transplantation using slice technique.

There is one of the hair transplant techniques used by doctors in Egypt is the slide technique, in which doctors obtain a small slice of the donor area for the roots of hair suitable for cultivation, which is the region that has a hair growth density, and divides it into small parts, after this the doctor creates an incision that is simple in the area that has a problem with the hair, and then by growing the hair in the small parts in the cracks that we have done, but that technique despite its advantages is that it has defects as this method of hair transplantation causes mild swelling in the area that was transplanted Hair it out or leave scars It came to the head, knowing that the slice technique

The fifth technique: hair transplantation with perkotan technique

As for hair transplantation with the perkutan technique, which is the latest hair transplant technique, it works to reduce the chances of bleeding occurring to the patient after the operation, and it is distinguished by it that makes the transplanted hair look normal to the hair transplanted with other techniques, because the doctor in that technique sows hair in a correct direction, just as the patient does not After performing the operation with this technique, it requires a long recovery period, and during the procedure it takes a little time when compared to other traditional techniques.

In this technique, the doctor implants 50 hair follicles per centimeter, as the doctor does not need to cause any cracks, but only uses the percotan tool to make open circular channels in the area that has a problem for the follicles to be transplanted into.

Sixth technique: Robot hair transplantation

The robot hair transplant technology helps determine to a greater accuracy the area with high hair density in terms of the strength and elasticity of the follicles in it, as the doctor draws a three-dimensional picture of the location of the problem and wants to conduct the transplant process, to search for the best existing follicles, as there is a drawing of a rough picture of the head after replanting to help the doctor visualize the final shape.

One of the advantages of robot hair transplantation is that it does not leave any scars on the scalp, which helps to speed recovery, and the other advantage is the error rate in this technique which is very small compared to other technologies because the robot helps to extract the follicles accurately, which prevents from any damage to them Or the surrounding tissues.

Technique Seven: Synthetic hair

Among the techniques of hair transplantation, is the technique of artificial hair transplantation, the technique in which hair is transplanted that is synthetic in the region that has a problem with hair, whether it is hair loss or hereditary alopecia, and that technology is one of the most popular hair transplant techniques in Jordan, and its cost is $2.

How to calculate the cost of hair transplant?

To calculate the cost of hair transplantation, there are several factors that determine that cost. During the following lines, we monitor for you those factors.

First: The cost of the operation differs from each country to another 

 Second: The wages of the surgeon, as each doctor has his own wage, which is determined by his international fame and competence.

Third: The anaesthesiologist’s fee also, and the type of drug.

Fourth: pre-operation examinations

Fifth: The cost of accommodation

Sixth: The cost of medical advice

Seventh: the cost of medicines

 Eight: Choosing the technology, as each technology has its price different from other technologies.

Ninth: The type of device used, knowing that the more the device is modern, the higher the cost of the operation.

Tenth: the quantity and number of follicles.

In conclusion

Ozel Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery Center services do not end there, you can also learn more about the various technologies, their details and their prices, as well as the special experiences that the Ozel Hair Transplant Hospital in Istanbul carried out with all of its clients and get their first hand experiences. We hope that we were fortunate in clarifying what are the types of hair transplantation techniques and their types and how to calculate the cost of hair transplantation, and in the end we can only thank you for your time with us.

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