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Introduction to FUE hair transplantation and its steps

Introduction to FUE hair transplantation and its steps

FUE hair transplantation

Since hair transplantation is a hot topic in relation to beauty amongst women and men, therefore, any problem with it, whether it is simple, such as falling out, or large as the appearance of alopecia, or the presence of alopecia, is a major crisis for many people, so all of them resort to hair transplants that are their only saviour in order to solve their hair problem, it is considered that the  Hair transplant with FUE technology or hair transplantation is one of the most famous and most prominent techniques of hair transplantation. Therefore, Ozel Hospital provides all information about this technology so that every person who wishes to perform a hair transplant process can become familiar with the process it.

What is FUE hair transplant? Or transplanting hair

One of the most important techniques for hair transplantation in Ozel Hospital is the hair transplantation using FUE or extraction, it is an important technique for treating hair loss and baldness, as it has been able to eliminate the suffering that patients feel when they perform the hair transplant.

Wounds occur in their head, and these wounds leave scars, but with hair transplantation, the doctor does not make any surgical incisions in the head, so their previous suffering is eliminated.

In hair transplantation using FUE technique, the doctor extracts the hair follicles from the places that give hair also known as the donor area, due to the fact that this area has a high density of hair growth and that is mostly at the back of the scalp, to transfer them to grow them in places where it is like a problem in the hair and the person wants to perform an operation Hair transplantation, knowing that this problem may be “hair loss, baldness or alopecia” in order to grow again in the new location in the direction and angle of hair growth in the scalp.

FUE hair transplantation or extraction

So the readers are aware the hair transplantation process is not performed by the physician manually as they used to do hair transplants in the past, as they now use a micro-conical motor through which they take the hair follicles after applying a local anaesthetic to the patient, then they implant it in The place where there is a problem, knowing that the process of transferring the roots of the hair is one after the other, which makes the effect that these holes leave very small, similar to the points that quickly disappear under the hair.

Among the factors that the FUE hair transplant process offers are the impressive results that are without any complications for individuals, as this technology keeps pace with the technological development that we live with, it achieves impressive results in terms of hair density or solving the problem of baldness that afflicts a person as a result of a health problems he has Or hormonal problems for a person.

Steps to FUE hair transplantation or extraction

When the doctor’s choice falls on FUE hair 

transplantation, he performs the process for the patient through a number of steps, and during the following explanations below we learn the steps of the hair transplant process by extraction, so that interested patients who want to perform the hair transplant procedure can get to know the steps that they will take, and those steps are at.

The first step: preparing for the surgery initially

When the doctor performs the FUE hair transplant process, he prepares the patient for the operation, and the preparation period may take approximately an hour, during which the doctor shaves or shortens the hair from the area to the shave that has heavy hair growth, and the default is 1 mm.

Second step: drawing the forehead line

After that, the doctor undertakes the task of determining the places that the patient will transplant, as he draws the front forehead line in order to determine the range in which the hair is transplanted, knowing that the drawing of the front line is according to the choice of the person who undergoes the operation.

Third step: extraction of the hair

The third step that the doctor performs during the FUE hair transplantation process is to extract hair follicles from the donor areas that he shaved to reach right down to 1 millimetre, by using a small robot-like engine, and from the information each person must know that the needle that is Their use in this device varies from one person to another, depending on the size of the follicles that differ from one person to another, knowing that extracting the hair is in the same direction as natural hair, as this works to reduce damage to the bulbs and maintains their integrity, as this method works to increase The number of follicles taken from each centimetre passed P without affecting the back of the scalp “hair donor area.”

Fourth step: preservation of follicles 

After that, the doctor preserves the hair follicles in a special solution so that he can preserve them until opening channels in the area he wants to grow hair, to take them from the solution and grow them.

Fifth step: opening of channels

After storing the hair follicles, the doctor opens the channels in the area where the hair is to be transplanted, but this is done after the patient is given a rest period, but before that the doctor gives him a local anaesthetic without pain to numb the area to be transplanted, and after a short rest period the treating doctor opens the channels that are very small, the duration of opening the channels takes an hour and may continue with some cases for three hours, as the doctor takes into account that the holes are small so that it is easy for them to heal.

Sixth step: Hair follicle transplantation

In the sixth step, the treating doctor implants hair follicles, by means of tweezers that the doctor directs in the same direction as normal hair growth so that there is no difference between them, and the transplant process is done very accurately and carefully, where the doctor distributes the follicles so that he can cover the entire empty area In an organized and accurate way, by calculating the average number of hairs inside each bulb, so that the result is impressive for the customer to solve his crisis and the hair will be more dense.

And the number of hair follicles that the doctor can grow for his patient who performs hair transplantation with extracting technique reaches from 50 to 60 bulbs per square centimetre, but the doctor takes into account the number of follicles that a person wants to grow and also according to his medical condition.

In conclusion

Ozel Hospital has provided all its clients and readers with complete information about hair transplantation using FUE technique, but they must bear in mind that in the first months of the operation there will be a change in particular in the follicles that grow in the scalp, but that will improve in the second month, but after The passage of 6 months will enable the person to obtain the results he has been waiting for by transplanting hair, and the advantage of this technique is that the hair will not fall out again, and that the hair that is implanted carries the same characteristics and shape as the patient’s natural hair.​

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