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The shaving of the head in the donor area is a vital step in the hair transplant procedure but we find that some people especially women do not prefer this step , the head shaving helps the procedure in regards to the extraction , opening channels and implantation , so the doctor must compromise in the circumstance that the head isn’t shaved.

Some patients and especially women are discouraged from head shaving in the donor area as it is difficult to conceal and can leave some visible scar tissue damage , as well as the men who are uncomfortable with the exposed area.

What is required of the patient in this circumstances?

The patient is encouraged to undergo the surgery with the dhi technique using the choi pens.

How is the transplant conducted without the shaving off the head ?

The Choi pen is similar in appearance to a normal writing pen except it has a sharp tip pen that enables a very precise extraction without leaving any traces of scar tissue damage , after the extraction the hair follicles remains inside the pen until the implantation stage arrives and hence there is no need to open the channels.

Positive aspects

There is no doubt that the transplant surgery brings about self peace.

There is no need to stay at home until the hair grows back to its normal length.
No pressure is put on the patient socially as there is no visible effect on the surgical area.

The channels are opened by pressure with choi pens, which means there is less risk of bleeding because of the lack of a surgical scalpel or infection or complications.

This technique doesn’t eliminate those suffering from diabetes or any type of blood issues , intact this is recommended method for them.
The speed of recovery time doest exceed that of one week.
It allows each follicle to be controlled individually and transplanted in the direction of hair growth for more dense and natural looking hair.
The patient is Able to see the final result instantly.

Negative aspects

Similar the fact that there are positive aspects for the non shaving of the head method there are also negatives that make the procedure not universally suitable for patients seeking this method.

Is there is a large amount of hair follicles to be removed then this method is not suitable
This method can’t be performed by an Un experienced doctor so the time it takes for the patient to find a experience and appropriate doctor may be one of a longer length.

The cost is slightly higher then other methods

Although the follicle implant carries the entire hair, the cultivated area will be exposed to the stage of hair falling out , as in the case of planting.

Cost of this method in comparison to other methods

Hair transplantation without shaving using DHI pens is higher in cost than hair transplantation techniques using regular picking technique or exhalation tech-nique because it includes many advantages and does not carry side effects that the patient may suffer. It keeps the hair fully. As well as the doctor’s skill be-cause it requires a high degree of accuracy and is not done by the use of metal tools, as in all other traditional methods.

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