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hair transplantation and the latest techniques 

hair transplantation and the latest techniques 

Hair transplantation and the latest techniques

Men and women go to hair transplants in search of a solution to the problem of hair loss and the treatment of hereditary alopecia that chases many of them, but before the operation you must have information about hair transplantation and the latest techniques such as what types of hair transplantation? Which of them is most effective, how long is hair transplant? What is the ruling on hair transplantation in Islam?

Information about hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is one of the operations that helps you to reach the utmost glory as hair is a crown for men and women, so if you suffer from a vacuum in the scalp you should contact one of the hair transplant specialists to find out what types of hair transplant operations are consistent with the nature of your scalp.

So we get to know some important information and answer many questions that lie in the mind of every future transplant so we can tell you about what you need to know about hair transplantation and the latest techniques .

Types of hair transplantation

Recently, many different techniques of hair transplantation have appeared, the use of each of them varies from person to person, depending on the density of hair and the extent of hair distribution on the scalp to donor areas, as well as the number of hairs you need for transplantation.

Among the most common types of hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation FUE:

Here is information about hair transplantation with FUE technique, as it is the most used method for its continuous development, in which extracted hairs are extracted from donor areas and replanted in the receiving area through a small incision resulting from a metal tool with a round head in order to help the doctor to extract the bulb from the scalp with a part Of the surrounding tissues.

One of the most common types of hair transplantation, although it takes 4 to 5 hours due to the transplantation of each individual bulb, does not result in any side effects or complications, and the price is considered low.

Laser hair transplantation:

It is considered a safe hair transplant as it does not result in any side effects or pain on the scalp, as it depends on accelerating the growth of hair by stimulating the functions of the hair follicles through laser devices.

Laser hair transplantation is recommended for everyone who experiences hair loss due to psychological pressures, suffers from hereditary baldness, seeks to increase hair after the transplant, chin hair, eyebrows and mustache.

Hair transplantation FUT:

Among the oldest methods that are used for hair transplantation, but many complications and side effects appear, including inflammation and swelling, scarring, and pain, although they work to choose the best types of grafts used for hair transplantation.

The procedure is performed by cutting a tape from the donor areas and then the tissue tape is used to dissect the porous units. In the end it is transplanted into the receiving areas, side effects depend on the strength of the scalp.

Choi hair transplant technique

Learn about hair transplantation information with the Choi M Blantyre pen technology which is the latest method used in the world of hair transplantation, and some sources mentioned it as an innovative technology for FUE.

Choi Pen technology helps combine picking and planting in one or two stages without resorting to cracks inside the canal. Choi pens feature a sharp tip, requiring that Choi uses a highly accurate doctor.

Where the follicles extracted from the donor area are placed inside a roasting pen to grow in the receiving area, taking into account the angle of planting because it is important for the success of the process, you can use 2 to 6 Choi pen in the process.

Hair transplant technique, sapphire technology

Hair transplantation by sapphire technology is one of the safe hair transplants, and this name was given to the use of the sapphire pen, which contains the distinctive Ambassador stone, which is very sharp and tapered that works to open the channels during the transplant process, which affects the direction of the cultivated hair growth.

From the hair transplant information with the sapphire technique, it is characterised by opening the cultivation area with high accuracy, the sapphire works as an anti-bacterial, which prevents any sensitivity or irritation, keeps the head tissue from damage, helps to grow the largest number of extracted follicles, works to grow the hair perfectly and in Shortly.

Duration of hair transplant

The duration of hair transplant varies from person to person and it also depends on the area to be cultivated as well as any type of hair transplant used,

Mostly you need one session and the process takes 8 hours divided into periods, you can do hair transplant after 6 months after the first operation, depending on the quality of the hairs extracted from the donor area.

When does hair grow after the transplant?

After many tests and researches, information about hair transplantation has proven that the growth of transplanted hair during a year of the process and progresses, at the end of the third month after the completion of the process, where 60% of the new follicles are activated on the scalp during the sixth month, while it grows to 70% during the seventh month , Until it reaches 100% at the end of the twelfth month.

Hair transplantation steps

It is important information for hair transplantation to know the steps of hair transplantation, but in the beginning you should know that the extracted hair can be removed from any part of the body that did not stop on the side or back of the scalp. These follicles must have strong tissues that allow them to be transplanted.

Steps for hair transplantation include:


First, you wash the scalp thoroughly, then the hair follicles are removed from the donor area to transfer to the recipient area.


Local anesthesia is used on the scalp and no pain arising from the operation.

Tissue removal: 

After the anesthesia stage, the doctor removes the tissue with the resistant follicles from the donor area and then sews the donor area.

Combing the hair: 

Before combing the hair the sutures on the scalp in the donor area must be hidden. The stitches are removed about ten days after the procedure.

Preparing the recipient region: 

Before applying local anesthesia, the doctor begins removing any hair from the recipient’s area and preparing it for surgery

Making cracks: 

After hair follicles have been removed from the donor area, cracks are made in the area to be transplanted.


From hair transplant information, grafts are placed in the receiving area.

Completion of the hair transplant: After the transplant is completed, some small cracks with short hair will appear, then the wound appears red and disappears within a week of the procedure.

What is the rule of hair transplantation?

Ruling on hair transplantation for men and women. Information on important hair transplantation is vacant, which is frequent in the tongue of many who are going to perform the operation. The Fatwa Committee issued that the hair transplantation process is permissible, whether it is a treatment for hair loss or a treatment for baldness or otherwise, whether for men or women.

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