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Hair transplantation experiences in Turkey, results and comment of those who performed this procedure

Hair transplantation experiences in Turkey, results and comment of those who performed this procedure

Hair transplantation experiences in Turkey

A large number of women and men, 60% of men and the rest of women, suffer from the problem of hair loss. In this sense, Ozel Hospital offers an effective solution that eliminates this crisis easily and conveniently, which is a hair transplant process that will eliminate the problems of hair loss and baldness and give you an impressive result with hair density and from here we can talk about the experiences of hair transplantation in Turkey and its results through those who carried out this process.

? What is the process of hair transplant

The hair transplant process in Ozel Hospital, in which the experts transfer the hair roots (follicles) from the area that is full of hair, to the area that has a crisis such as “falling, baldness, light hair”, and the hair transplant process is an ancient process where the hair transplant experts were in The United States of America did it in the 1950s, but in recent years the process has witnessed a lot of development.

 ? What are the stages of the hair transplant process

According to hair transplantation experiences from clients who prefer Ozel Hospital, hair transplantation is a process in several stages, and through these experiments we monitor for you the stages of the process so that you will be aware of what you will go through if you are going to that process before, after and during the process to be fully prepared, and those stages As follows..

The first stage: counselling before the hair transplant

From the hair transplant trial book, after the person decides to perform the operation, a consultation must be obtained, and this is guaranteed by Ozel Hospital for free, as the hospital hair transplant experts in this consultation know the patient’s condition and whether he is qualified to perform the hair transplant process or not , By two things:

Pictures of the patient sent to the hospital through the social networking site (WhatsApp).

Using the scalp examination technique, which is a device that measures the density of hair, as it enlarges the scalp and clarifies the quality of follicles that are suitable for transplantation, through the device’s connection to a computer screen that allows the patient to follow what the doctor is doing.

This device allows the doctor to hair density, by seeing the amount of hair per square centimetre, with a detailed explanation of the follicles that are shrinking due to the genetic effect.

After the doctor examines the condition of the scalp, he can recognise the level of hair loss in the future.

The second stage: hair transplantation procedure

As clients have confirmed to us in hair transplant experiments, after getting free advice from an expert from Ozel Hospital, and deciding to grow your hair, there are several steps you take to conduct the procedure, those steps are: –

The first step: travel

The first step will be the day of your travel from your place of residence to Turkey, as you will find at the airport a team from the “Ozel” Hospital that welcomes you very much, that team is composed of a “translator, support manager, driver”, that after they receive you they will take you to the hotel until you Rest from travel.

: The second step

visit the hospital and prepare for the operation

From the notebook of hair transplant operations in Turkey, we find that the second step is to visit the case to Ozel Hospital and prepare for the process, as the Ozel Hospital team takes you from the hotel where you were booked on the first day, and connects you to the hospital, and there is a hair transplant expert who inspects For your hair, conducting analyses and drawing the front line according to your desire, then you start the procedure that the medical team that you are conducting cuts through until you get a break during which you eat and drink.

The third step: a tour

After performing the operation on the third day, the hospital team accompanying you from the beginning of the trip to spend a tour in Turkey, where they will make you have lunch on the beach of Florya, then take you to the best malls there to buy all the things you want.

The fourth step: additional sessions of the process

The fourth step will be on the last day of the patient in Turkey, as the Ozel Hospital team in charge of accompanying you will take you to the hospital to conduct additional sessions of the hair transplant process, then you will sit with the doctor who performed the operation by giving you special medicines and vitamins, then they will connect you to the airport after that.

Hair transplantation experiences in Turkey

Hair transplantation experiments are important for anyone coming to know about this process to get to know the opinions of people who have undergone it, as a kind of decision-making assistance, and from this standpoint the site takes you to the experiences of those who have experienced hair transplantation in Ozel Hospital ..

By asking those who underwent hair transplantation using different techniques at Ozel Hospital, we find that everyone is unanimous in their satisfaction with the hair transplant operations, and among the advantages that the following clients emphasized ..


those who underwent the operation described it as safe and natural and there is no concern for it.


the opinions indicated that the experts at Ozel Hospital did not use any chemicals or medications that might harm the hair or the scalp.

Thirdly, opinions confirmed that the hair that is transplanted in the process does not have any problems as it will be like natural hair, as they deal with it naturally and they dye or wash it with the same type of shampoo that they wash there hair with.

Fourth..and among the experiences of those who underwent hair transplantation, they also say that they feel that the transplanted hair is as normal as normal hair, as those who see them do not feel that they have undergone that process and that they are normal.

Fifth..One of the most important things that those who have undergone hair transplantation experiments have emphasised is the confidence they gain in themselves after solving the problem they face in their hair. Treating baldness and hair loss makes the owner of that problem after solving it feel a great confidence in themselves because they feel that their shape has become better and smaller Age due to hair.

Most customer feedback on hair transplant experiments at Ozel Hospital

In this article, we will collect the most prominent customer comments and opinions on hair transplantation trials in Turkey for hair transplantation in Ozel Hospital ..

Aziz Kamel: extended his permanent thanks to all the medical staff, for the good care and outstanding care they gave them, as he said in a text message to the hospital, saying: “You have done well with the care and care that you have provided. Thank you very much.”

One of the clients, “Omar,” said that he was grateful for the experience of conducting a hair transplant operation in Ozel Hospital, as the doctor who performed the operation continued to follow up with him for the results of the operation for a long time, where he said in a text message to the hospital, “Good experience, good treatment and follow-up by the medical leader Brother Mustafa ”

And one of the operations that underwent hair transplantation, she was still thankful in the hospital and the efficiency of the doctors, where Hoda Gharib said in a text message to the hospital saying: “Ozel Hospital is a trusted and excellent medical staff with expertise and high efficiency of doctors, in addition to the large and many services it provides over the course of an entire year and the results Excellent, thank God. ”

The client, called Ali Mahdi Al-Ghanem, referred to the follow-up of doctors at the Ozel Hospital for cases after the operation, where he said: “A very good centre, excellent staff, good care and follow-up by Professor Atef Darwish, my best wishes for success to you.”


Through the experiences of hair transplant operations in Ozel Hospital and the opinions of clients, we find that this hair transplant hospital is one of the best hospitals in Turkey and the world in this field, which makes new clients have confidence that they are chosen.

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