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Hair transplantation for men in Turkey with the most modern technologies

Hair transplantation for men in Turkey with the most modern technologies

Hair transplantation for men in Turkey

If you have a problem with hair loss, and you see friends and relatives lose their hair around you quickly, do not worry, for every problem has a solution and treatment, and fortunately for you, the hair problems for men, hair transplant experts at Ozil Hospital have found magic solutions to them, those crises that burden many men and may be You, dear reader, one of them, the solution of which is the Hair transplantation for men in Turkey , and during this article we explain their details.

What is the process of hair transplantation for men in Turkey

Hair transplantation for men is a cosmetic surgery, in which the specialist doctor takes the hair follicles ‘roots’ from places with high density, to transfer them to areas where the hair is light or has a problem with the hair.

Causes of hair loss in men

If you are among men who suffer from hair loss, then before searching for places to grow hair for men, you should know the reasons that caused your hair to fall out and then determine the method of treating this hair loss, and through the information of hair transplant experts at Ozil Hospital we monitor you through The following lines are the causes of hair loss which are represented in ..


Baldness is considered one of the most prominent causes of hair loss, and it affects men for several reasons: –

  • The first and most prominent reason that men have baldness is the genetic factors or genes that a family member has had baldness.
  • Baldness may become major causes related to the sex hormones known as “androgens”, those hormones that work to regulate and grow hair.
  • Among the reasons a person may have weakness in his hair growth cycle, as weak hair shrinks to grow stronger than others, but in the end a new hair did not grow because of weak growth.
  • There are men who develop baldness as a result of their health problems, such as “cancer, thyroid”.
  • Among the causes of men suffering from baldness is that they have a disease (rash, or dandruff in the hair), as these diseases make hair follicles weak and fall out, and in the end this leads to baldness.
  • Also, chemotherapy is one of the treatments that affects men with baldness, as this treatment destroys hair cells.

Alopecia areata

That disease is the presence of spots of baldness that are similar to the size of coins, appear in the head, and usually affect young people and adolescents, in most cases they are cured and hair grows again.

But the condition may increase in some cases, the size of baldness increases and the hair loss increases to the hair loss in the scalp sometimes and this is called “alopecia areata”, and in other cases the person loses his hair on the scalp and body and this condition is called “alopecia and nephersis.”

Regarding the causes of alopecia areata, it has several reasons:

  • It is said to be a genetic disease, as out of every 5 cases there is one case with a family history of the disease.
  • Among the causes of alopecia areata is the presence of a defective immune system, so immune disease owners such as “thyroid patients, diabetics, and Down syndrome” are considered the most people who suffer from alopecia areata.
  • The change of hormones, diet and cancer, liver and high blood pressure, causes hair loss and makes it mild, and these symptoms are a known type of alopecia areata called “crappy hair loss”.
  • The symptoms of “scleroderma, problems with connective tissue, swelling and itching, rash affecting many areas, disc lupus, and folliculitis” cause the destruction of hair follicles, which is “alopecia scarring” which means no hair growth again.

Who can do hair transplantation from men?

One of the most important qualities that must be available in men who will perform transplants in their hair is that their hair grows healthy in the sides or the back, since it is from these two regions that “hair follicles” are taken, and a certain number of cases among men are those who can perform an operation Hair transplantation and they are

  1. Men who have lost their hair due to baldness for more than five years.
  2. Also, the cases that can perform the hair transplant are those who lost their hair due to surgery.
  3. Or who lost their hair due to injuries or burns.

Men’s hair transplant techniques at Ozil Hospital?

In Ozil Hospital, there are a number of techniques used in men’s hair transplantation, those techniques in which hospital hair transplant experts rely on extracting hair follicles whose density is high, and transferring them to areas where there are problems such as falling or baldness, and those techniques are represented in.

First technique: picking “fue”

The technology of picking is one of the most modern technologies in the field of hair transplantation for men in Turkey, and it has proven successful since it was adopted in 2013, which is a surgical operation that is carried out using a micro-conical motor, which takes the follicles from the high-intensity bodies under the influence of the local anesthetic, and transferred to Empty places so you can grow again, and the hair transplant experts at Ozil Hospital take into account the angle and direction of natural hair growth.

Hair transplantation by picking goes through several stages, namely: –

  • The picking stage.
  • The stage of opening channels.
  • Hair transplant stage.

The second technique: hair transplant with exhalation technique

In this technique, hair transplant experts at Ozil Hospital use an exhalation stone, which is one of the precious stones, as that stone is at the end of a pen that doctors use to open channels in the scalp that are not visible to insert the follicles that have been extracted from areas with dense scalp to transfer to places It has problems, and this technique is more advanced than the picking technique, as the scars that are due to the pen with exhalation stone are small and do not see with the naked eye so it heals very easily.

Hair transplant with a technique of sapphire which passes through the following stages:

  • The picking stage.
  • The stage of opening channels through the exhale.
  • Hair transplant stage.

The third technique: Hair transplantation with Choi “DHI”

Hair transplantation with Choi pens This technique relies on writing pens similar to writing pens but at the end of it a cylindrical hollow needle with a diameter of 0.7 mm, as hair transplant experts use that needle to pick up hair from the densest areas and grow them in the less dense areas, without the need to Opening channels in the scalp as the previous two techniques, and this technology is considered one of the best techniques as the hospitalization rate is faster, and the hours for performing the operation are very few.

And the technique of Choi Pens has only two stages:

  • The picking stage, in which the hair follicles are extracted from donors.
  • The stage of hair transplantation that occurs without the need to open channels in the scalp.

In the end..

In this article, we have provided you, dear reader, a simplified explanation of hair transplantation for men in Turkey at Ozil Hospital, as the dedicated hospital in this field in Turkey, and through hair transplant experts any man with problems in his hair can contact the hospital team to obtain Best results while avoiding risks to the scalp and affecting hair follicles.

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