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Hair transplantation for women without shaving in turkey

Hair transplantation for women without shaving in turkey

Hair transplantation for women without shaving in turkey

One of the most common problems that many women face and annoy is the problem of hair loss, and because every woman always broadcasts a better aesthetic appearance, the problem of hair loss remains a disaster that all women around the world are searching for a solution to, and from this standpoint the experts of hair transplantation at Ozel Hospital Finding a magic solution for all women. Through this article, we offer, dear reader, all the answers about Hair transplantation for women without shaving in turkey .

What is the process of hair transplantation for women without shaving in Turkey?

Hair transplantation for women without shaving in turkey is a cosmetic surgery operation in which hair transplant experts use a number of different techniques to transfer hair roots (follicles) from the most dense area of ​​hair growth to the area where there is a problem, whether that problem is hair loss, baldness or hair loss for pathological reasons and In any case, this process is the best treatment for hair loss.

What are the causes of hair loss for women?

There are a number of reasons behind hair loss, and during the following lines we monitor for you the most prominent causes of hair loss in women, from which there are pathological causes, and other reasons that are not satisfactory.

Pathological reasons

 And on the pathological reasons are: “thyroid disorder, ovarian cysts, tinea capitis.”Polycystic ovary syndromePolycystic ovaries are among the most common causes of hair loss for women, and cyst is a hormonal imbalance that leads to excess male sex hormone, which causes hair loss and loss.Thyroid disorder

Among the causes of hair loss is that a woman has a disease such as a “thyroid disorder”, as the hair follicle growth follows a natural cycle of growth, and in the event of any changes in the body, the hair falls out significantly, and those changes may occur due to disorders Hypothyroidism, which may be either a deficiency in the gland, or an overabundance of the activity of the gland, in the case of an excess of this hormone, the hair is in good condition, and in the case of a deficiency in this hormone there is loss and loss of hair.

Ringworm of the head

Ringworm disease is a fungal infection that causes the presence of spots of hair falling on the scalp, and this disease begins to appear in the form of small blisters that gradually widen to eventually leave scaly patches of temporary baldness, and that spot is red and has severe itching.

Unsatisfactory reasons

As for the causes of hair loss of unsatisfactory lineage are: –

Genetic factors

Among the reasons that cause women to lose their hair are the genetic factors, as genes control the strength or strength of hair, which causes them to resort to hair transplantation for women without shaving as one of the appropriate solutions to treat hair loss.

Hormone disorder

And also one of the most prominent causes of hair loss in women is the hormone disorder that affects them during pregnancy and childbirth, and women usually recover from that symptom after four months after birth or hormone disorder after menopause.


Contraceptive pills are considered to have side effects such as hair loss, and among the most prominent women who suffer from hair loss when taking pills are those who are allergic to the hormones found in the birth control pill, as these pills work to transfer hair from the stage of growth to the stage of transition quickly and that matter That causes hair loss.

Hair transplant side effects for women?

There are side effects of hair transplantation in women, those symptoms we mention to you during the following lines: –

  • One of the main side effects of hair transplants for women is that they have scars.
  • Another side effect is that some women during the procedure have to shave part of the scalp.
  • Also, this process causes head swelling and some pain.

But with the hair transplant experts at Ozil Hospital, the process can be done without fear of these side effects, as the techniques the hospital uses prevent disease conditions from these side effects.

What are the instructions that must be followed after a hair transplant for women?

There are several instructions that every woman should perform in the hair transplant process, as it may cause harm to the outcome of the operation if it violates these instructions, so Ozil Hospital, through its hair transplant experts, monitored these instructions at simple points, which are:

  • Refrain from dyeing the hair until the doctor permits it.
  • Avoid hair iron and all dryers until the doctor also allows.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure, especially in the first days of the procedure.
  • Take medications and use hair care medications that the patient has prescribed for you.
  • Take care not to friction the scalp.
  • Sleeping on the back, keeping the head raised at a 45-degree angle at the body level for a week.

Hair transplant techniques for women without shaving

At Ozil Hospital, hair transplant experts work in this field by three techniques, but there is one technique that is considered the best hair transplant technique, which is the technique of Choi “HDI” pens, as this technique does not need the lady to shave the donor area of ​​the hair follicles that are Move it to areas that need hair transplantation.

How is hair transplantation done for women with the technique of Choi pens?

This technique is one of the latest hair transplant techniques in Ozil Hospital in Turkey, in which experts use pens that resemble regular pens but at the end there is a hollow needle in a cylindrical shape and a diameter of 0.7 mm, by extracting hair follicles from the area that has a high density of hair, and transfer to the area where it is the problem.

And hair transplant experts at Ozil Hospital prefer this technique in hair transplantation for women without shaving, because they do not need to shave the hair from the donor, and do not need to open channels in the scalp, where the hair roots are extracted by a micrograph motor from areas of large density, and transferred For the areas where the hair transplant is performed.

The cost of hair transplantation for women in Turkey

Hair transplantation for women is different from that of men, as it is considered a little high and that height is due to the nature of women’s hair whose density is greater, and there are two reasons that compensate for the greater cost of hair transplantation for women in Turkey and they are .

First ..

 Women need to grow the number of hair follicles that may exceed 5000 follicles, and that makes them need more than one stage in the process, and that raises the price of the operation.


the technology in which the operation is used and because many women resort to the technique in which they do not shave part of the scalp, then the cost of hair transplantation will be more than the cost of hair transplantation for men, but in Ozil Hospital within the services provided to clients who want to perform the operation in our hospital , Then an initial examination is made in which the final cost of the operation is determined so that every woman knows what she will be paid.


To be dear reader, we knew everything about the hair transplant process for women in Turkey and the techniques provided by the Ozil Hospital for Hair Transplantation for women without the need for shaving, so that every woman knows what she needs if she intends to perform that process to eliminate hair problems that affect all women of different nationalities .

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