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Hair transplantation for women

Contrary to common perceptions, women suffer a large proportion of hair loss, not just men, and it becomes more annoying for them and not want to wait until the hair grows again.

Women have many causes that may lead to hair loss, including:

Genetic causes:

This is known as genetic baldness where genes control hair loss and strength.
Hormonal disorders: Women suffer from hormonal disorders during pregnancy, childbirth and after menopause.
Cysts: Diseases of the uterus affect hair loss and health.
Dysfunction of the thyroid gland: whether the increase of secretions of the gland or decrease it significantly affects the hair, but hair loss ceases to treat this problem.
The use of hair care tools harmful to him: The use of dryer, dyes and hair straighteners significantly affect the health of the hair, as well as the type of shampoo used can increase the rate of hair loss.
Infection of the scalp: Dandruff, psoriasis, alopecia and skin problems are the reasons for the appearance of large voids in the head as a result of heavy precipitation.
Aging: With age and menopause, public health begins to decline, affecting hair strength.

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