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Hair transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplantation in Istanbul 

Hair is a very important aspect for self image and confidence and the beauty and attractiveness of a man appears more vibrantly with good hair, but with age or with health or genetic problems, some people lose their hair follicles, and this quickly causes them major psychological issues, but with the medical services that Ozel Hospital provides for Hair transplantation in Istanbul  you should not worry, as the hospital provides many services to the field of hair transplantation with the latest equipment.

Ozel Hospital, the largest hospital in Turkey for hair transplantation, offers the latest technologies for hair transplantation, without any pain you can grow your hair, or treat hair loss that causes you a lot of problems, or eliminate the problem of baldness through the techniques of “picking, exhaling or grilling pens” that are provided to you The easiest and fastest hair transplant for a good looking.

What is the process of hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery operation, which is intended to transfer the hair roots from places that contain a high density of hair, to places where the density of a few is because they have hair loss or may be affected by baldness, and in such operations people need a reliable place such as the “Ozel Hospital” specialised in the field Hair transplant in Turkey and its branches in other countries.

History of hair transplantation

The idea of ​​hair transplantation has existed for a long time, as it was only in the nineteenth century that studies were carried out on animals and birds. These studies depended on the cultivation of hair follicles and feathers.

In 1822 in the city of Würzburg, a member of the team of the University of “Dom Unger” linked hair transplantation to the treatment of hair loss, where one of the students spoke about the first hair transplant in humans, where the student made holes in his arm with a needle and inserted 6 hair follicles from His scalp, and two of those follicles grewAfter that, the surgeon “Bafn Bach” improved the technique of hair transplantation by using some cosmetic tools, where he transplanted hair follicles to replace the eyelashes, and after the improvements that surgeon stopped, the hair transplantation process developed until 100 years.

After 100 years, the focus shifted to developing hair transplantation to Japan. In 1930, the Japanese surgeon Sasagawa spread the idea of ​​hair follicle transplantation, as he inserted the hair shaft to treat hair loss.

In 1939, the Japanese dermatologist Okuda developed hair transplantation, not by using patching.

From 1943 to 1953, Japanese doctors, “Tamura and Fujita”, attempted to develop hair transplantsIn 1952, the American Dr. Orient Resch made his first hair transplant, and in 1959 he discovered removing hair from the hair area that was not affected by hair loss, and implanting it in the thin areas of the scalp, and in the same year he published his work on alopecia cases And how to grow hair.

And between the years 1990 and 2000, hair transplantation processes greatly evolved, as hair transplantation was done through a porous unit transplant technique that simulates the natural pattern of hair growth, and this method of hair transplantation is performed by using hair bundles that grow naturally, And then during those years picking technique became the popular and popular method of hair transplantation.

Hair transplant techniques in Istanbul, Ozel Hospital

There are three techniques for Hair transplantation in Istanbul  in the Ozil Hospital, as the hospital always seeks to search for the best techniques for hair transplantation, within the framework of providing a distinguished medical service to its clients, and the three techniques are ..

The first technique: Hair transplantation with extraction.

Hair transplantation by extraction is the most popular technique of hair transplantation, this technique is not manual, hair transplant experts use a micro-conical motor to extract hair roots from areas with growth in hair density, and they put them in a solution to save them until channels open In areas with hair problems, then they transplant the hairs.

This technique has several advantages represented in the fact that it does not occur surgical incisions in the scalp, enabling fast healing time , as the engine used in the process is affected by small holes similar to points that disappear under the hair unlike what was in the past as it fuses after 8 Hours of the operation, the process with extraction technology has a duration of 4 to 5 hours, one session is planting upto 5,800 grafts.

The second technique: Hair transplant technology “SAPPHIRE.

The second technique is the technique of Saphire, in which doctors grow hair with a pen with a head of saphire which is a stone of gemstones in which channels are opened very accurately, and the process is done by doctors extracting hair using a micro-motor device, from Without any surgical tools, then he opens the channels with an saphire pen and then implants them in the problem areas.

This technique is characterised by the sapphire head, which is characterised by the stimulation of collagen cells, while opening the channels to grow hair roots, and saphire is characterised by that it helps the cells and tissues in the scalp to return again as it was, knowing that the duration of the operation takes 5 to 7 hours, and that technology channels that opens the fuses 3 hours after the operation, and 7000 follicles per session.

The third technique: “DHI”choi pen technique

The technique of Choi pens for hair transplantation The third technique is the technique of Choi pens, which are ordinary pens that resemble writing pens but at the end have a hollow needle in a cylindrical shape with a small diameter so that hair transplant experts can open small channels for hair transplantation, and in the process doctors extract the hair roots from Donor areas by hair using a microgram motor, then they open the channels in areas with problems with a grill pens, and one of the advantages of this technique is that we do not need to save the follicles in a solution because they are grown directly at the same time.

Hair transplantation with the technique of Choi pens is done in two steps:

Pick out the hair root with a microgram motor from the densely populated areas.

Cultivation of follicles in the areas where there are problems through the Choi pens, and in this technique we do not need to store the follicles in a solution because they are cultivated at the same time directly.

The cost of hair transplant in the hospital “Ozel”

The cost of hair transplant in Ozel Hospital differs from each technology and the other, as each technology has a specific cost, and a cost other than the technology differs from one person to another as each case has its own different problems from the other, so the cost varies according to the technologies and individuals together due to a number of factors, which are: –

  • The first actor is the numbfer of hair follicles grown during the procedure.
  • The density of hair that the customer wants to have.
  • Advantages of hair transplant in Istanbul, Ozil Hospital

Ozil Hospital customers are distinguished by a large number of advantages, without the rest of the hair transplant hospitals in Istanbul, and these advantages are: –

First: modern devices

Ozil Hospital offers its clients the latest medical equipment and techniques to perform hair transplant operations, which distinguishes the hospital from other hospitals.

Second: care and prevention

Among the privileges provided by the hospital are extreme care and prevention, as the hospital has a medical and nursing team at the highest level that cares for patients at the best level, and all hospital rooms are highly sterilized for that hospital with protection from infection to the level of great sterilization.

Third: continuous communication

Among the advantages of the hospital is that there is a support team inside the hospital that communicates with the owner of the operation for a full year free of charge until it is sure to reach a satisfactory and required result after the growth of transplanted hair.

Fourth: Warranty

Ozil Hospital customers are distinguished that they will receive a real guarantee that will be certified as a result of the operation, through which the client can review any hospital branch in the world.

Fifth: Success rates

Among the advantages of Ozil Hospital is that it is the only hospital with the highest rates of successful experiments in hair transplant operations in Istanbul and also the highest rates of success around the world.

Sixth: The number of



Among the advantages attached to any customer who undergoes hair transplantation in Ozil Hospital is the confidence that he feels in the hospital as “Ozil” has been operating since 1998 in the field of hair transplantation and has performed more than 40 thousand successful operations in all branches in Turkey and abroad

Seventh: A specialized hospital

The advantages of “Ozil” Hospital are that it is a private hospital in hair transplantation, it does not work in any other field, which makes it specialized for all plastic hospitals, as it shows that this is a talent and determination with the hospital’s management to work in that field and specialize in it without entering into any Other areas that affect their success and development in the field of hair transplantation

What are the distinctive Ozel Hospital services for its clients?

When deciding to perform an operation, especially if it is cosmetic surgery, you are looking for the best hospitals that provide you with comfort and safety while you are conducting your operation in it, and in the “Ozil Hospital” the hair transplant process is done in complete safety and through every step that aims to achieve comfort for individuals, as the desire The hospital staff all work to delight its clients, and among the distinguished services from Ozil to its clients ..

Honourable reception

The first thing that will occur to your mind when you are in a country other than yours is how to get to the hospital and how to book a place to stay until the operation takes place, but with the staff at the Ozil Hospital you will not bear any concerns, as soon as you arrive you will find a team from the hospital waiting for you at the airport consisting of “translator, support manager “The driver”, the team transfers you to the hotel where they booked you (hotel reservation through Ozel Hospital), and after that you spend the rest of the day at the hotel until you get a rest, but you will keep in touch with the manager and the interpreter all the time.

Performing the operation

On the second day, you will find the same team waiting for you to take you to the hospital, to receive you there, the doctor who will perform the operation and the nursing staff with him, at first they will conduct a preview for you, then you will perform the necessary analyzes of the process, and then the doctor will draw the front line for you according to your desire, and then the process begins One of the advantages offered by Ozil Hospital is that they take time from the time of the operation for the client to relax and to eat and drink as a kind of psychological preparation, after which they return to complete the process, and upon its completion it is transferred to the hotel for convenience.

Istanbul scenic Tour

On the third day, the same team that accompanies you throughout your trip will take you on a tourist tour in Istanbul, where they will take you for lunch on Florya Beach, and after that they will accompany you to work shopping in one of the famous malls, and they will deliver you anywhere you want to go in Turkey to spend a fun day to return you in End to the hotel

End of  the journey

On the fourth and final day, you will find the hospital team waiting for you at the hotel also to take you to the hospital, for the doctor to conduct additional sessions of the hair transplant process, after which he will give you a set of medications and vitamins that are specific to your condition, and the doctor will explain information to you about what to do after the operation, and after That brings the team to the airport.

Why is hair transplant preferred at Ozel Hospital?

After all those previous features that we mentioned, we find confidence increasing around choosing Ozil Hospital to conduct hair transplantation in Istanbul, as the hospital specializes in that field and not what gives its medical team a privilege from other medical teams, as they are experienced in conducting such Operations with the latest technology, and the experiences and success rates of previous operations confirm and increase the confidence of anyone looking for a place to conduct that process, in order to avoid the risks that affect the scalp and hair folliclesIn the will find through all the previous information about hair transplant operations and its history, the advanced technologies that Ozel Hospital offers you, give you everything that anyone desires to know about hair transplant and the best places that offer these operations with advanced technologies, modern devices and experts with great experience in this Field, so that the reader can know everything that is going on around this field.

at the end:

Ozel Hospital also gives you guarantees on the success of the operation and provide you with a medical team that tracks your condition and your treatment program set by you by the largest experts in hair transplant operations over a year to ensure the success of the operation with the best results that you want.

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