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Hair transplantation surgery

What is the hair transplant surgery?

The hair transplantation surgery consists of the phenomena of transporting good hairs from the donor area to the area which is affected by hair loss or complete baldness.

It is considered as surgical beauty surgery which we offer at Ozel hospital which is well renowned for hair transplants, most of the patients have hair transplanted from the back of the head also known as the donor area

What is a hair transplantation procedure

But we also have cases where we use chest hair, beard hair depending on the quality and density of each individual, regardless of which area the donor hair comes from we ensure a safe and successful hair transplant for each and every patient because Ozel is the top in this field.

Hair transplantation in turkey

There is no doubt that hair loss effects the individual due to the drastic appearance change they undergo, this can effect self-esteem and cause long term social and confidence issues, this is why many of these people turn towards Ozel to resolve this issue because we are experts in this field and are amongst the top hospitals that specialize in hair transplantation in turkey.

Hair restoration

When it comes to choosing the correct location for hair transplant reputation is everything, also the previous success rate of the clinic or hospital plays a big role in the patients chose as well as the technique’s that are used along with the experience levels of the doctors and consultant team, with a higher experiences team the chances of a successful surgery is also higher.

What is the latest hair transplant techniques

Ozel uses the latest state of the art technology and techniques for the surgery which compromises of transporting donor hair to the affected areas, these techniques are as such:
FUE Technique consists of comprising the balding area of the head with the healthy hairs usually found at the rear end of the head or as commonly named the ‘donor area’ the follicle transportation using fue hair transplant has a greater direction in regards to the angle of implantation.

The steps for FUE are:

Extraction, opening of channel’s hair graft growth
In this procedure very precise and professional tools are used, it has shown a great success rate since its introduction in 2013.
The procedure is not conducted by hand rather using a micro graph motor which extracts the hair follicles after the skull is put under local anesthesia.

DHI technique using CHOI PEN

The Choi pen to a certain degree looks and feels a lot like a normal pen except the tip is compromise of a hollow cylindular shaped needle which is 0.07 cm in diameter, this pen removes the grafts using the needle and transport them from the donor area to the affected, this is done directly, without the need to open any channels as is with other procedures

DHI Hair Transplantation offers great results as it increases hair density and can also implant 70 grafts for every cm, this procedure doesn’t require the original hair to be shaved off either.
Another factor that differentiates the DHI procedure is the speed of the recovery of the patients’ new hair which is visible within an hour after the operation; it also leaves very minimal scar tissue damage and is able to direct the angle of hair growth which enables a 100 percent natural look.
Each hair follicle remains inside the pen until its needed for hair transplantation, its also able to be put aside, more than one pen can be used for each surgery without any issue.

Sapphire technique

The pen used in this procedure comes from the precious stone also known as sapphire, it is known for its durability.
This technique makes the opening of the channels a very precise which is not visible to the eye, sapphire leaves less scar tissue damage then the FUE procedure due the slim design on the sapphire stone.

Using body Hair technique BHT
Sometimes the patient doesn’t have the required amount of hair in the back area of his head which destroys his chances of using this area as a donor area, in this circumstance doctors are forced to extract donor hair from the area in which the patients has a greater hair presence such as the beard, chest hair, calf muscle, this procedure is referred to as BHT- body hair transplant.

Steps of the hair transplant surgery

There are many steps taken pre and post-surgery that ensures a successful transplant, also certain instructions must be given in order for a safe and sound procedure without any complications, we will now explain this in finer detail.

Hair transplantation cost

Pre surgery Advice

This is the responsibly of the patient to obtain advice which is offered free of cost of ozel hospital which is considered as one of the top hair transplant branches in turkey, the first step would be to send pictures of your head in order for the doctor to analyze your specific case he will then determine if you are physically healthy enough to undergo the procedure and by analyzing the photo of the head with a device that will zoom in on your hair grafts and skull shape.

hair transplant price

The doctor will then determine the type of technique required for the particular patient , during the operation there will be computer device visible to the patient which will display the progress of his surgery to them visibly so they are aware of what’s happening.

This device also allows the doctor to determine hair density by determining how many hairs are available for every cm squared,also showing the effected hair grafts by inheritance, with these steps the doctor is able to determine the degree of hair loss suffered by this patient.

Surgical procedure steps

Post advice session and selection of ozel hospital as the selected branch of choice
The first day.

The first day

The patient is received at the airport by the ozel team which consists of a translator and a private driver, then the patient is taken to a top class hotel which is provided by ozel, all booking are done pre hand , the patient has access to the manager and the translator 24 hours a day during his stay in turkey.

Second day

The team will bring the patient from the hotel to hospital for a free and specific diagnosis or consultation which will be very specific , it will incorporate the drawing of forehead line at the patients will, then will determine the times of the operation, rest , and times for the meal , post-surgery you will be returned to the hotel for ample rest time.

Third day

After the third day post operation the patient should have had ample rest time.
There is a scenic tourist day trip provided by ozel throughout Istanbul, with lunch provided at florya then we will accompany you to the beaches, it will be unforgettable day for the patient.

Fourth day

On the fourth the patient shall be returned to the hospital for a final checkup and meeting for the surgery, he or she shall be given the medical pack which consist all the vitamins and medication required for them specifically post surgery, then the patient shall be driven back to the airport to depart there flight on time.

Specific details of the surgery

There are important steps that ensure a safe and successful surgery
Our team inside the hospital will use a local anesthetic using a device called comfort in , this device is very different in that it removes all elements of pain for the patient which has made the surgery a enjoyable and pain free experience, after this step we enter the period of identifying the donor area, other clinics do not consider this step as an important step yet a secondary one of importance, but here at ozel hospital we take this step very seriously and give it the utmost importance

We believe that it is a great factor that leads to success of the surgery in that each individual has a different area according to his or her exact location of hair loss and the distance from the front of the skull, and the amount of hair present this area differs from each person also,
The team of experienced doctors at ozel focus on this step carefully to ensure that they obtain the hair roots which contain three hairs at least which helps hair density in the long run and increases the chances of a successful surgery and natural hair look post-surgery

The doctors also insists that the hairs that are extracted are those of close proximity to each other and similar angle growth to ensure that there is no scare tissue damage visible post surgery.
Second stage
After the extraction phase we turn to the second stage which is referred to as the opening of channels.
First of all we begin we design and draw the forehead line this is considered to be a very important stage as it project’s the image as a whole as it is the front image of the face , our doctors study all the angles and corners of the head to ensure that the most precise line is drawn to enable a accurate opening of the channels which are done to tilted 45 degree angle to give a very natural look…
Third stage
A light meal is provided and also some rest time before entering the final stage of this surgery which is the stage referred to as graft or hair growth which have been previously extracted from inside the opened channels

The team at ozel focus on growing the extracted hairs in the same angle of natural growth to ensure the patient receives a very natural look post growth.

Cost of the surgery

The cost of the surgery at ozel hospital differs from each patient due to the certain factors such as the hair density and amount of hair follicles extracted, also the technique chosen.
Pricing will be given according to each circumstance to ensure a reliable outcome.

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Advantages of hair transplant surgery at ozel hospital

Ozel uses the latest state of the art medical equipment.
The outstanding care given to each patient throughout his time with ozel.
The support team will continue communication with you for one year post surgery.
Free financial support to ensure the surgery is a successful one.
Life time guarantee which enables you to visit any of our worldwide branches for any support.
Highest rate of successful surgeries.
Ozel has been established since 1998 and has undergone over 30000 successful surgeries here in turkey and overseas
Here at ozel we only hire qualified specialist doctors in the hair transplant field and we do not specialize in any other field, this is what differentiates us from the rest, because there is certainly a drastic difference between a normal surgeon and a surgeon that is specialized in hair transplantation only.

Why should you choose Ozel as your hospital of choice?

It is vital that you choose ozel as your hospital of choice for the hair transplant as we have a very experienced team that will ensure you a safe and successful surgery, your hair and head are very precious it is very important to make sure you don’t allow un qualified surgeon’s operate on these delicate body parts

This can cause lifelong regretful issues with ozel you will be under top notch supervision pre =during= post operation, our team of professionals will guide you every step of the way to make sure all steps are undertaken precisely, here at ozel we pride ourselves with top notch treatment and services that are sure to make your experience a pain free and successful one.

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