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laser hair transplant process and the details of the laser hair

laser hair transplant process and the details of the laser hair

laser hair transplant process

For many of us looking for an easy way to perform the hair transplant process, we find the search engine shows us that laser technology is one of the easiest hair transplant techniques, so Ozel Hospital collected all information about the laser hair transplant process, to inform readers about the people who are nominated to conduct this technology and the features that They enjoy it and the dangers threatening them during this article.

Laser technology for hair transplantation.

Laser hair transplant technology is one of the hair transplant techniques that many people prefer for its ease, as the doctor sheds a group of light beams from the laser beams, to stimulate those hair follicles that are weak to grow intensively, and that technique does not depend on transplantation Hair is completely holistic again, it works biased hair weak growth, unlike other techniques

Laser hair transplant process

If you are looking for a technique to perform the hair transplant process, you will need a lot of research, but you will find among the techniques of hair transplantation the technology of laser hair transplantation, and within the framework provided by “Ozel” Hospital for its readers we offer you information about the personalities that are allowed to perform the process of hair transplantation, They are: –

First: Age

People who are in their third decade of age are the most likely candidates for laser hair transplantation, but the condition that these individuals have the problem with in their hair is hair loss and baldness at an early age.

Second: People with bad psychology

Also among the eligible people who are allowed to undergo laser hair transplantation are the ones whose hair falls out due to psychological effects such as “emotional trauma, or accidents.”

Third: Falling hair due to genetic patterns 

Also, people who lose their hair due to genetic genotypes are among the first groups to be able to perform laser hair transplantation, knowing that these people are losing their hair at the front of the head in the area above the forehead, and hair loss increases as they age.

Fourth: After laser hair transplantation 

Laser hair transplant technology can also be used for people who have performed hair transplantation to be a complementary process until the patient has achieved his goal of reaching the desired result after the operation

Advantages of the laser hair transplant process

There are a number of advantages of laser hair transplant technology, those features are what makes many people perform laser hair transplantation without other technologies, and those features are: –

The first advantage: the lowest cost

One of the most important advantages that a person who performs a laser hair transplant process is that this technique is considered one of the least cosmetic techniques used for hair transplantation at cost, as all of the techniques of hair transplantation, or segment and synthetic fibres or similar techniques are considered much more expensive .

The second advantage: ease 

Laser hair transplantation is also characterized by being an easy technique compared to other technologies, so it is favored by many plastic surgeons, as the ease of conducting it makes them feel at ease when they do it for the patient, and this technique is one of the least techniques in which side effects appear in the place of the operation in The scalp, also considered the lightest in damage.

The third feature: inclusion

One of the most prominent advantages of laser hair transplantation is that this technology is comprehensive, as it is available to men and women, that is, either of them can perform the laser transplant, but knowing that it must be one of the candidates to do this technology

Fourth feature: excellent effectiveness

Also, many people who performed laser hair transplantation confirmed that among its advantages is that they are of excellent effectiveness, as the success rate of the results of that treatment technique exceeds 80%, which makes them with a high success rate, especially when compared to treatment techniques Other cosmetic.

Fifth feature: dispensing anesthesia 

The fifth advantage that many individuals considered one of the most important advantages of laser hair transplantation, is that this technique may make the doctor who performs it do not need total anesthesia for the patient before the operation, as he can only use one of the simple types of topical drugs that he finds available in All the places.

Learn about the risks of laser hair transplant 

As laser hair transplantation has advantages, there are a number of risks that are expected to befall the person who is performing the laser hair transplant process, and within the framework of the services that Ozil Hospital offers to its customers we offer you during the following lines a definition of these risks, so that every person who is considering laser hair transplant procedure Knowing in advance the damages that will be caused to him, as follows: –

First: the risk of scarring 

The first risk to a person whose hair is being transplanted using laser technology is the risk of scarring, and that risk is avoided if the surgeon is highly skilled, and the nature of the patient’s skin may be a reason for exposing him to this risk, knowing that the risk of scarring can be treated after that Either with surgery or with topical creams.

Second: Fungal and bacterial infection

One of the dangers of transplantation to hair by laser is that the patient may develop a fungal and bacterial infection, and this matter affects him as a result of contamination of the wound or the doctor’s use of surgical tools that are used and have not been sterilized well before using them again, that disaster is the only official in which the doctor who performed the operation, Therefore, the doctor must be careful, and the patient must do the doctor’s matters alone if he is seriously injured.

Third: the appearance of dandruff

Among the risks also is that the person who performs the laser hair transplant process may find that after the operation the dandruff increases greatly for him, that crisis is solved simply by medical preparations intended to get rid of dandruff, so the person who has it must reassure He knows it is just a temporary and temporary problem, and it will end easily.

Fourth: Redness, inflammation and swelling

Among the risks also is that a person who undergoes laser hair transplantation may develop an infection at the site of the operation for a period of three days, that the inflammation is red and swollen, but it is among the recommendations of Ozil Hospital for its readers that they can avoid this inflammation through drugs that are Anti-swelling, knowing that this risk is one of the serious symptoms that confirm that the success rate of the operation is not great.

Fifth: Thinning of transplanted hair 

It is also considered among the risks also affiliated with the laser hair transplant process, that the hair becomes light, as the hair will weaken its structure, knowing that this symptom may happen to some people and others will not happen to them, and that the weak growth is for the hair that is implanted and that matter It is considered a failure of the process.

Sixth: temporary pain.

Among the risks of laser hair transplantation is that the person who performed the operation may feel pain that may extend for days after the operation, and that pain may cause some cases to take simple or strong analgesics, depending on the degree of pain felt by the patient.

Seventh: the risk of bleeding

Also, among the side effects of laser hair transplantation, is that the patient may experience bleeding, knowing that this bleeding affects some people due to the thinning of capillaries and blood medicines that are present in that region, so the patient who is exposed to that matter must take medications that Capillary capillaries to stop bleeding.

Eighth: precipitation

It is also a risk that a person who cultivates his hair with this technique may lose his hair, due to the lack of acclimatization of the hair that is implanted with the old hair, and that damage can be treated by medicinal preparations that prevent hair loss.

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