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Sapphire technique

Hair transplant surgery is no longer a painful and time consuming surgery like it used to be in the past requiring many machines and lengthy preparation period, with the continuous technological development hair transplant surgery has become a one day process using certain techniques such as Sapphire.

What is sapphire fue?

The sapphire technique is the latest innovation in the FUE method for hair transplant. It uses sapphire blades throughout the opening of the channels for the extracted bulbs, and as the name suggests itself, these blades are totally made of sapphire. Therefore, they are much more durable and do not loose sharpness with time: this is one among the advantages they have compared with the traditional steel blades.

The steps of Sapphire

During the FUE hair transplant, the bulbs are extracted from the donor area one by one using a micro punch of between 0.6 and 0.8 mm of diameter. After the extraction of the follicular units, the grafts are implanted in the previously created micro-channels through incisions made with a sharpened blade.

fue sapphire

These incisions play a big role because the angle, the orientation and the density of the new implanted follicles has to be the same as the rest of your hair in order to give it a natural look and perform a successful intervention.

During the step of opening these micro-channels, usually steel blades are used to open the U-shaped channels. U-shaped opening creates wider channels that cause more bleeding and less density; however, using the sapphire blades the channels that are opened are V-shaped: as a result, the Sapphire fue hair transplant allows the opening of channels closer to each other, and therefore we can obtain a higher density but also a better healing after the surgery.

Advantages sapphire

The advantages of sapphire are multiple such as:

Faster recovery time for patients

The sapphire FUE technique in Turkey is exciting industry professionals because the sharper, more precise sapphire blades open smaller micro channels in the recipient site, which minimizes scab formations and speeds up the patient recovery process.

A more natural look

The sapphire hair transplant Turkey procedure also creates a more natural look. How? The channels created by making the incisions in the recipient site can be smaller and more precise which affects the following things:

  • Hair Density – the smaller, sharper blades allow for donor hairs to be positioned even closer together, creating a denser final effect.
  • Hair growth angle – the angle and direction of hair growth makes a difference as it will have an effect on how natural the finished result is.

Hair naturally grows at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees, so the hair transplant with sapphire blades will enable your practitioner to create precise angles to allow the hair to grow like this. It also determines how the hair sits once grown to the desired lengths.

Thanks to all these developments, hair transplants, even in advanced cases, are garnering ever more natural results.

Smaller chance of complications developing.

There are other advantages of the sapphire hair transplantation in turkey technique compared to the use of traditional steel blades as well. The smooth surface of sapphire blades also boasts antibacterial qualities, which means when these blades are being used to create the micro channels for donor hair, the risk of (already small) complications reduce when compared to steel blades.

This includes less chance of fluid retention (ensuring more comfort in recovery for the patient), a smoother surface post-treatment and faster tissue recovery.

Also, because sapphire blades enable the channels for transplantation to be opened at the same length of the hair follicle being inserted, it is not possible for these follicles to become dislodged and their angle alignments to be affected.

Where can you grow your hair using the Sapphire technique?

The success rate of the hair transplant surgery depends of the location which you undertake it at the patient needs to be very careful with the clinic or hospital he chooses to enable a problem free operation and guarantee them a safe and successful hair transplant.
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