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Six Things to know if you’re considering a Beard Transplant 

Six Things to know if you’re considering a Beard Transplant 

Six Things to know if you’re considering a Beard Transplant 

For a lot of men, patchy, thinning beard hair can cause a sense of dissatisfaction. Beard is considered a symbol of masculinity, and many generic fads of stylish beards evolve day after day. The trends for elegant facial hair grow popular, and you might love to try one for yourself. Yet, unfortunately, your beard follicles aren’t helping.


Facial hair on the jawline can fall out for numerous reasons. It can be due to genetics, injuries, trauma, or previous hair treatment or removal. If you feel embarrassed with your stubble beard and aspire for a more fashionable, virile transformation, a Beard transplant will be an ideal solution.

Our doctors will tackle your problems irrevocably and improve your confidence and self-esteem. Established in 1998, Ozel hospital has excelled at carrying out 40k successful operations and earned the trust of its clients. For a consultation, Get in touch with our experts here.

  1. Is the Beard transplant appropriate for you?

You might have asked yourself this question before. Not all plans are custom for each client. Thus, a medical or mental test is crucial to evaluate whether this surgery is an appropriate option for you or not. The ideal candidates for Beard transplant are those who want intense and thick bread and have many hair follicles in their donor’s area- a zone where hair is taken to be grafted into the bald/patchy areas.

Also, candidates with good health can undergo this transplant- since Chronic medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure might increase the likelihood of complications after surgery. 

Another third element to be mentioned is age. People over 30 are more encouraged to undergo that surgery. That doesn’t mean people below this age might be prone to severe complications, but they can show a poor cosmetic result, like having bald patches in the areas that aren’t implanted with hair after some period. 

However, you don’t have to worry- as our perfectionist doctors in Ozil hospital will do their best to ensure your surgery is under control and appropriate for you.

  1. Where the donor’s hair is collected?

 Donor’s areas are the regions in your body where hair follicles are obtained-so the surgeon can transplant them to the bald areas and form a beard. They have a thick texture. And the most favorable donor’s area is in the back of the scalp, where hair is most healthy and dense.

However, in some cases, when the scalp hair isn’t adequate, the doctor could extract hair follicles from other parts such as the chin, chest, legs, or arms. Then he transplants the collected follicles of hair into the beard area.

  1. What procedure is best for your case?

The best options for Bread Transplant include


  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


In this procedure, surgeons extract follicular units from the donor’s area using micro-punches. Then implants them, one by one, in the bald area. This procedure is sought out by people looking for a short-hair look.


Advantages of it include safety. You can only notice tiny scars left where follicles are collected. Also, this procedure has a short downtime, meaning you can resume your activities right after the surgery.


 However, you should have realistic expectations about the result. In most cases, it takes almost 3-4 months for the implanted hair to grow.


  • Follicular transplant unit (FUT)

For this approach, the surgeon cuts out a small strip of tissue from the donor’s area – for example, scalp- then removes hair follicles from this tissue to transplant them to the hairless areas on the jawline.

 Though FUT requires a longer time either during the surgery or after, it has better cosmetic transformation -since a larger amount of hair is harvested into the beard. That makes FUT ideal for people with thinning facial hair who want an intense and handsome look. The bad con of this technique is that it leaves thin, obvious scars in the donor’s area- but you can cover it.

  1. How long do you have to stay before full recovery?

Beard transplant takes about 2 to 5 hours and can be longer in specific cases. After surgery, you can resume your daily routines. However, strenuous activities that involve much movement should be avoided. 

 After 2 to 4 weeks, your transplanted hair starts to shed and grows again after 3-4 months. Complete recovery usually can be noticed after one or 1.5 years, depending on your case. And You can embrace your new natural manly look.

  1. Are there any instructions to commit to after a Beard Transplant?

To accelerate your recovery after a beard transplant, you should take some precautions, including

  • Ask your friend to drive you home- since you might feel drowsy under the sedative effect.
  • take the medications prescribed by the doctor on time
  • stay away from the sunlight/rays as it reveals your scars obviously
  • Avoid washing your face, especially for the first five months- to protect your hair grants.
  • Try not to touch your face during the recovery period to avoid being infected
  • Avoid shaving your bread for ten days after the surgery
  1. Selecting the hospital for beard transplant

Choosing a credible hospital specialized in beard transplants will protect you from any risky complications. For more than three decades, Ozel hospital has successfully conducted more than 40k surgery and owned patients’ trust. Moreover, it gained many awards, including the best hospital for bread transplants for two consecutive years (Yenisafak vote). 

Advantages of ozel hospital include

  • State of the art technology 

Revolutionary Techniques that proven their high success in beard transplantation

  • Ideal best care

Our experienced doctors and nurses work together for your service. We aim to provide the best care pre/during/after the operation. Also, we take every precautionary procedure to keep ozel hospital sanitized and microbe-free.

Continuous communication:

We believe that offering the best services stems from our understanding of our client’s needs and expectations. So, you’re entitled to consult our support team for a year after surgery to ensure its success.

Specialized hospital

Ozel hospital offers its sophisticated services in the field of hair transplant only. Specialization gives it an edge over other hospitals that provide full-range cosmetic surgeries.


  • Full guarantee

For owning the clients’ confidence, Ozel hospital offers our clients a one-year guarantee for the surgery result. They can use it in all hospital branches spanning three continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Have our consultation here and transform your beard look forever.

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