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Solving the problem of hair loss

Solving the problem of hair loss

Solving the problem of hair loss

Many people search for the best treatment for hair loss because it is a problem that worries many and they want to eliminate it, and many suffer from this problem due to many reasons such as the use of chemicals in abundance or anaemia or lack of moisture, and through Ozel Hospital you can also learn about the cost of the hair transplant process And in order to solve the problem of hair loss, the person needs to consult a dermatologist who will advise you on the ideal solution for hair loss that is appropriate for your condition.

Hair loss causes:

A person notices natural hair loss in large quantities, especially during the process of combing hair or during sleep, because you suffer from the problem of hair loss and you must know the reason for this problem to reach its treatment, and among the causes of hair loss:

Lack of good hair care and moisturising in large quantities:

The hair is exposed daily to sunlight, moisture and polluted air, and besides the lack of hair care and moisture, this leads to dry hair, and it is exposed to the problem of the fall of its tufts in large quantities.

Genetic Disease:

The person suffers from hair loss in a certain age, as a result of the presence of a genetic disease in the family, such as hereditary baldness.

Hormone changes in the body:

Hormonal changes in the body lead to a large impact on the growth of hair strands whether its growth or weakness and hair loss, and in the event that you have a change in body hormones that may lead to hair loss or a decrease in the rate of growth of hair strands

Chemical hair care use:

Frequent use of hair care products consisting of chemicals; this leads to dry hair and to the fragmentation and loss of hair, and the colour change of hair through hair dyes and hair straightening creams leads to an increase in the rate of hair loss.

psychological diseases:

Human exposure to mental illnesses such as nervous tension and anxiety may lead to a high rate of hair loss, as the human exposure to physical stress or anaemia causes the hair strands to not get the necessary nutrients, which causes hair loss.

Take medications:

There are some medications that have side effects such as hair loss or growth stops, so it is preferable for a person to stop taking these medications, as well as exposure to radiation to treat cancer.

Solving the problem of hair loss:

When a person is exposed to the problem of hair loss, you should consult a dermatologist, as there are many medications to solve the problem of hair or natural products and oils such as:

First, medications to treat hair loss:

The doctor may recommend the use of medications for hair loss, because they contain large amounts of nutrients for hair traps such as minerals and vitamins, which helps to treat hair strands and strengthen its strands such as:

Supplement tablets:

Supplement tablets contain minerals and vitamins, such as omega-3, necessary for the growth and nourishment of hair strands.

Iron capsules:

Eating iron capsules replaces the body with iron, especially the body with anemia, which is one of the causes of hair loss.

Caffeine tablets:

Eating caffeine tablets is considered a great benefit for solving hair loss, as it works to break down the enzymes that cause hair loss. It gives hair strands a longer life and protects them from hair loss. Caffeine can be placed in the hair tufts but it has a side effect, which is changing the hair colour.


Biotin is one of the most prominent ways to solve the problem of hair loss, as some drops of biotin are placed on the scalp because biotin is a vitamin that is necessary to nourish the damaged hair strands, in addition to that it acts as a positive stimulator of blood circulation to the hair follicles and thus protects hair from hair loss.

Second, natural hair loss solution:

There are many natural oils and natural mixtures, which are considered a hair loss treatment like natural mixtures of garlic and onions that work on the growth of hair strands, and this prompted many drug companies to produce capsules of garlic and onion extract with a pleasant scent to treat the problem of hair loss.

Three, injections and surgeries:

Many people resort to injections or surgery to resolve hair loss, such as:


The injection of the hair loss area is considered one of the most important means that work to solve this problem, besides it is very simple and easy and its results appear after a short period, and there are different types of injections according to the material used in them such as:

Plasma hair injection:

Plasma is a component of the blood and contains proteins, vitamins and water. It also uses these injections by extracting it from the person’s blood and re-injecting it into the hair follicles and helps in its growth again.

Plasma injections revitalize hair strands by nourishing hair with its nutritional components, enhancing the action of cells in the scalp and producing 

collagen and keratin needed for hair.

Collagen injection:

Collagen is a protein that is available in the human body, especially in hair, skin, and nails. It is also considered one of the most important types of protein that helps give tissues the nutrition necessary for them and maintains their freshness and strength.


Also, the hair tufts need collagen periodically because its deficiency in the scalp leads to hair loss.

Collagen used in the injections is extracted from natural sources, and there are different types of collagen that are suitable for certain people, so it is best to consult the physician to choose the right type for hair loss.

Topical botox for hair:

 Many hear about using botox injections to tighten the skin of the face and neck, but topical botox is also used as a solution also for the treatment of hair loss as it prepares the scalp for the appropriate atmosphere for the growth of hair follicles. It also targets the sweat glands especially for people who suffer from increased sweat secretion when making Minimum effort.

It is worth noting that increasing the proportion of sweat in the scalp adversely affects the hair strands due to the sweat containing excess salts from the body, and the exposure of the hair to moisture, which leads the person to wash the hair many times, and this leads to hair loss or the scalp nourishing Topical Botox reduces the production of sweat glands, thereby protecting hair from excessive salts in the sweat, exposing it to moisture and constant washing, providing hair strands an environment suitable for the growth of its strands. of the hair and the weakness of its strands and falling and reducing Possibilities for hair growth again.

Laser hair loss treatment:

Laser has been used in the treatment of hair loss by exposing the scalp to a small and weak amount of lasers, which stimulates the cells in the scalp to produce collagen and regeneration, and this increases the activity of the hair follicles.

The laser also increases the scalp’s ability to sort the proteins and natural oils necessary for the growth of hair strands, stimulates the flow of blood circulation to hair follicles loaded with the necessary nutrients that have and reduces the activity of enzymes that stimulate the process of hair loss.

Hair transplant operations:

Hair transplantation is the last solution to hair loss, after all the solutions have been used or if the person has baldness and has fallen large amounts of hair loss and the emergence of a place free of hair on the scalp, which is a great evidence that the hair follicles have died and are not subject to treatment.

At the end

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure to which a person is subjected, as he takes follicles of hair in the lateral or posterior areas of the scalp and implants them in areas free of hair.​

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