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The best hair transplant technique in Turkey 2020

The best hair transplant technique in Turkey 2020

The best hair transplant technique in Turkey 2020

Hair transplantation operations has recently become the first goal for everyone who suffers from a problem in there hair, whether that problem is falling, baldness, or the appearance of a scar or alopecia, so hair transplant hospitals and centres around the world have become proficient in hair transplantation and are constantly updating to reach the best  technique for hair transplantation that takes a head start in providing techniques appropriate for all people for hair transplantation processes, as the difference between each person and the other made each person each of them a specific technique that is appropriate to solving their problem, and within the services provided by Ozel to its readers we get to know together during this article on The best hair transplant technique in Turkey 2020.

What is the process of hair transplant

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery operation in which the doctor extracts a number of hair follicles from the hair donor areas of the scalp, as those areas are the most common areas where hair grows in the scalp and most often, those areas are on the sides of the head or the back of the scalp, The doctor will then store it in a solution until channels are opened in areas with hair loss, baldness or alopecia problem in the scalp so that the extracted follicles are transplanted and this is done through The best hair transplant technique in Turkey 2020.

In some operations, a person may resort to artificial hair transplantation instead of natural hair whose follicles have been taken from the same patient who wishes to perform hair transplantation.

What are the stages of the hair transplant procedure?

The process of hair transplantation through the best hair transplant technique goes through a number of stages regardless of the hair transplant technique that the doctor uses for the patient, and during the next lines Ozel Hospital by its hair transplant experts monitors the stages of the hair transplant procedure, which is:

The first stage: preparing the patient for the operation

The first step for the doctor when performing the hair transplant process is that he prepares the patient by cutting his hair if the technique by which the operation will require the patient to cut his hair from the donor area, and then prepare him psychologically.

The second stage: anesthesia of the patient

Then the doctor places an anesthetic in the area where he will transplant hair, knowing that the anesthetic that is used is localized and without any pain.

The third stage: extraction 

Hair follicles are extracted from the donor areas where the hair grows quickly and intensively, so that it is transplanted into the problem areas.

Fourth stage: saving follicles

After that, the doctor saves the hair follicles that were extracted with a solution that is dedicated to keeping the hair follicles, in order to preserve them until the transplant is complete.

Fifth stage: opening channels

After that, the doctor gives the patient a period of rest so that he can continue the process, to then open channels for the hair in the areas he wants to grow hair in, and that are often either the person suffers from hair loss or there is baldness in them.

Sixth stage: Hair transplantation

In the sixth and final stage, the doctor implants hair by means of a technique that is appropriate to his pathological condition, knowing that the doctor takes into account that the hair is transplanted according to the direction of the old hair growth so that they can grow it properly and properly, so that there is no difference between it and the natural hair present in the scalp Head.

What are the hair transplant techniques

Hair transplantation has many different techniques, as each hospital is priced to compete with other hospitals and it supports new hair transplant techniques, and during the following lines we monitor together the hair transplant techniques which are as follows: –

Extraction technique

The extraction technique is considered one of the best techniques for hair transplantation, in which the doctor extracts the hair follicles from the donor areas of the hair and implants them in the areas where there is a problem with the growth of hair, without the use of any surgical tools, and the process is done manually since the doctor uses A micro-conical motor that extracts hair follicles and implants them at the site of the problem, and the picking technique is one of the most popular hair transplant techniques, but in it the doctor shaves the hair from the donor area so that the follicles are easy to take, knowing that the number of follicles that are cultivated by this technology reaches from me N 50 to 60 follicles per square centimetre.

Sapphire technique

As for the exhalation technique, the doctor extracts the hair follicles by a specific device from the donor’s hair regions, and then opens channels for the hair that he will grow by the exhalation head (which is a gemstone) to grow hair in the areas that have a problem, knowing that the hair transplant technique by exhaling It is characterized by that the expiratory head helps stimulate collagen cells while opening the channels to grow follicles, helping the cells and tissues to return again as they were quickly and better.

Choi Pens Technology

As for the technique of Choi pens, it is among the most popular hair transplant techniques used by the largest hair transplant hospitals such as the Ozel Hospital. They are pens that resemble writing pens but are equipped with a small needle with a diameter of 0.6 mm used to open channels in the head for hair transplantation, this technique does not need to shave the head, nor does it You need to keep the hair roots in a solution after extracting them, as the doctor extracts them and transplants them at the same time, knowing that they heal very quickly and the holes that we opened with Choi pens under the hair disappear and do not appear to many.

Laser hair transplant technology

Regarding laser hair transplant technology, in which the doctor sheds a group of light beams from the laser beams, to stimulate those hair follicles that are weak to grow intensively, and that technique does not depend on hair transplantation entirely again, but rather it biases weak hair to grow unlike the rest Other technologies

Robot hair transplant

And the technology of hair transplantation in a robot, is a process in which the doctor relies on drawing a three-dimensional image of the place that has a problem with the hair, such as hair loss or the presence of baldness or alopecia, so as to provide the doctor with a search for the best follicles, and that image is an approximation of the head, after the transplant Until the doctor imagines the final form of hair after the hair transplant process, and hair transplant experts say that this technique helps them to determine the donor area of ​​the hair better, as it does not ultimately leave scars in the scalp, causing the person who performs the operation to heal with this technique Quickly.

Hair transplantation using slicing technique

As for the slicing technique, it is considered one of the most famous techniques used in Egypt, and it is also one of the cheapest techniques, in which the doctor obtains a chip that is small from the donor area of ​​the hair, and divides it into small parts, then they make a simple incision in the area that has a problem and then it Hair transplantation in those small parts in the cracks that they have done before, but the reader should be aware that this technique has defects in the presence of mild swelling in the area where the hair was transplanted or left traces of scars on the head.

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