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DHI Technique

Hair loss is a problem amongst a large percentage of male and females and this happens to numerous reasons and for some hair loss reaches to a stage of Full head baldness, but with the continuous technological developments the process of solving these issues has become a lot easier, specifically with hair transplants using DHI.

What is dhi technique hair transplant?

The Choi pen to an extent looks very similar to a normal pen used for writing except that it has certain of cylindrical hollow shape with a diameter of 0.07mm approximately, then pen is used to extract the hair and transport it from the donor area to the designated area of regrowth. DHI is similar to other techniques in the transportation of the hair follicle phase but differs in the fact that it doesn’t require any channels to be opened in order for the hair to be planted.

Dhi hair transplant in turkey

The hair follicle remains the CHOI pen until it is ready to be planted into the skull. The hair follicle inside the pen can be placed to the side; more than one pen can be used for each patient. Precise precision is required for the DHI technique in turkey as there is no rest period between extraction and implantation; hence the procedure must be done perfectly.  

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Steps of the DHI technique

1. During a hair transplant procedure operated with the Choi implanter, the specialized physician/surgeon or technicians transmit the harvested grafts into the implanter pen. The channels do not required to be opened as is with other techniques. the graft is inserted gently within the hollow needle, which is positioned at the end of the implanter pen, to be handed back to the specialized physician. 2. Subsequently, the needle is inserted at an accurate angle of 40-45 degrees into the scalp by the surgeon, as the incision site is made and then the graft is implanted by pressing down on the plunger. During a procedure, normally an amount varying from 2-6 Choi implanters and approximately 15-16 needles are concurrently used, with the device coming in a variety of needle sizes to fit the follicular unit grafts.

Advantages of the DHI technique

• Reduced time of grafts remaining outside the body, thus ensuring strong and healthy placement of the grafts. • Adequate hair follicles survival rates. • Reduced bleeding during the creation of the recipient area. Reduced trauma during graft handling, thus leading to less damage in the blood supply to the implanted area. • Fast recovery during the postoperative phase, the patient can return back to his/her normal routine quicker. • The recipient site does not have to be shaved, as it is a more suitable procedure that enables this condition. • DHI is suitable for both men and women because it doesn’t require for the head to be shaved. also its more suitable for longer hair strands. • DHI prevents contamination and inflammation in the planted areas. • A large amount of hairs are able to be grown as doctors are able to use multiple pens at once. • DHI turkey can be used in all types of hair loss and baldness, whether it be genetic or inherited, also if the case is due to burns or injuries, DHI is also suitable. • The DHI technique can also be used to be the growth of eye brows, beards and moustache.  

DHI hair transplant cost

What is the cost of the DHI transplant surgery? The doctor generates the price according to a number of factors, they differ from each individual Factors. The number of the grafts that are required and also the number of pens required for the surgery. Doctor’s competence and experience. The preparation of the equipment required for surgery for the selected hospital. Duration The surgery can take between 5-12 hours depending on the particular surface area required for transplantation. Where can the DHI procedure be performed? The individual is encourage to undergo this operation at a location which has experience in this particular field with qualified doctors that will supervise the patient and offer.

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